Nanny Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Nanny Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Nanny Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship gives foreign nannies the opportunity to live and work legally in the United States. The Nanny Job is under the category of unskilled workers and you can get a job offer with visa sponsorship if you qualify.

In this article, you will discover all you need to know about the nanny jobs in the USA that offer visa sponsorships and lots more. So, keep on reading.

Interestingly, some families in the United States are willing to sponsor foreign nannies for a U.S work visa. So, if you are lucky to find a family like this, you will get a visa sponsorship. Although, most foreigners look forward to immigrating to the United States to live, study or work. To do this, they find ways get a visa either by self-petitioning or visa sponsorship. Getting an employment-based visa sponsorship is one of the easiest ways to get any U.S work visa.

USA Visas for International Nannies

There are three types of visas you can get sponsored for if you want to work as a nanny in the United States. In this section of the article, you will be educated on these three visa types.

H-2B Visa

The H-2B work visa is a type of temporary work visa that allows employers to hire foreign workers for nonagricultural jobs. This job can be a seasonal job or an internment job. This visa type is suitable for nannies, business trainers, athletes, home attendants, etc. To apply for this visa, you need a sponsor who is also the United States Permanent Citizen.

To get this visa as a foreign nanny, you need to have basic educational qualifications. Also, you must be a citizen of one of the eligible countries stated by the Secretary of State for the H2B Visa. Your employer must also provide a Labor certification as proof that there is no eligible U.S worker to fill the job position.

The documents required for the H-2B Visa include a valid international passport, passport photographs, proof that you will return to your home country when the visa expires, birth certificates and marriage certificates (if you are already married), etc.

J-1 Visa

The J-1 Visa is a type of nonimmigrant visa for exchange visitors. Examples of exchange visitors include Professors, scholars, students, researchers, trainees, specialists, Au Pairs, etc.

In the J-1 visa program, Nannies are grouped as Au Pair. The J-1 visa is for those who want to participate in a specific approved program in the United States. These programs could be for teaching, training, researching, studying, and lots more.

If you are looking forward to working in the United States as a nanny, you can apply for a J-1 visa. The United States Department of State (DOS) controls this visa program. With this, the employer needs to work with this any of the sponsors in this department.

B-2 Visa

The B-2 Visa is an American visa type for foreigners who want to visit the country for pleasure or tourism purposes. If the family you want to work for as a nanny is living outside the U.S, you can get this visa. This is if the family wishes to travel with you to the U.S temporarily.

This Visa type requires that you must have been working as a nanny for the family for at least 6 months. The B-2 Visa allows you to work as a nanny in the United States for a maximum of four years.

Nanny Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship Requirements

Before you can get a Nanny job in the United States, you need to meet certain requirements. The general requirements needed for a Nanny job include:

  • At least a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification.
  • Driver’s License.
  • A year of working experience as a Nanny.
  • CPR Certification.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination.
  • Passion for children and elderly care.
  • Genuine desire to help others.

These are the general requirements needed for the role of a nanny. Some employees may also require more documents and skills.

How to Apply for a Nanny Job in USA With Visa Sponsorship

Applying for a Nanny job in the United States is not as hard as it may sound. Before you apply for the job, you should make sure you qualify. The steps for applying for a nanny job with visa sponsorship have been outlined below:

Begin a Job hunt by searching for available job vacancies on social media platforms. You can also search for job vacancies online.

Review all the job listings you have found and choose the ones that match your qualifications.
After this, create a good resume containing your skills and work experiences.
The next step is to write a good cover letter stating why the employer should hire you.

After this, you can apply for as many vacant job positions as you can find. This will increase your chances of getting a job offer. If you are qualified for the job, the employer will contact you and the visa sponsorship process can begin.

Salary for Nanny Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

The Salaries Nannies earn in the United States depend on the employer. However, Nannies in the U.S earn between $1 to $2 per hour for one child. For a month, nannies earn between $2,000 to $3,000 in the United States. Nannies may also get other bonuses and paid time off from their employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Nanny Job in the U.S without Work Experience?

Yes, you can get a nanny job in the United States without previous work experience. Although having work experience is a plus. You can choose to babysit part-time or sign up for an after-school program in your home country to get an experience in the job.

What Companies are Hiring Full-Time Nannies in the United States?

There are some companies that hire Nannies in the United States. If you want to work as a nanny in the U.S, you can search for available job positions in the company that comes with visa sponsorships. They include Orange County Nanny Agency, Nanny Poppins Agency, Morningside Nannies, Little Royalty, etc.

What are the Benefits of Working as a Nanny in the U.S?

Nannies in the U.S also get benefits apart from the salary they earn. Some of the benefits include flexible work hours, an opportunity to get hired by other care recipients, paid time off, etc.

In some cases, nannies may get medical, health, vision, and dental insurance. Nannies also enjoy a good relationship with the kids they take care of.

What are the Roles of a Nanny in the U.S?

The responsibilities of nannies in the United States depend on what their employees want from them. The general roles of a nanny include taking care of kids, teaching them, organizing, performing housekeeping tasks, and cooking meals.

Other roles include helping kids out with their assignments, taking care of children in case of illness, ensuring kids’ social development and growth, and lots more.



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