Color Guard Scholars

A distinctive and enthralling form of performance art, the color guard incorporates dance, coordinated movement, and the handling of numerous props, including rifles, sabers, and flags. It is frequently regarded as a crucial component of drum corps and marching bands, giving the music an additional visual component. 

Many gifted color guard performers are curious about the possibility of advancing their careers and earning scholarships in recognition of their abilities. We’ll look at how to apply for a color guard scholarship and give you some fascinating information about this fascinating art form in this post.

Talented and skilled players are in high demand for color guard teams at colleges across the nation. A college color guard scholarship can help pay for tuition, room and board, and other related costs, whether it’s for marching band, theater, or just showcasing your school spirit.

A college color guard scholarship is granted to prospective students who aspire to be color guard performers in college. Scholarships of this kind can be awarded to both traditional and contemporary groups, and they can help lower the cost of attending college by offering financial support.

To be considered for many color guard scholarships, applicants must also submit a video or performance of their ensemble.

4 Things You Need To Know About Color Guide 

  • Military drill teams that used flags and banners to communicate on the battlefield are the origins of the color guard. It developed into a kind of artistic expression and entertainment over time.
  • Being a color guard demands a great deal of physical endurance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Performers have to follow intricate dance moves, throw and catch props with accuracy, and stay on time with the music. 
  • Teams of color guards compete in regional, national, and even international competitions and championships. These occasions highlight their aptitude, originality, and technical prowess.

Application Procedure

In order to start the application procedure, gather the following documents: Note that all required documentation must be sent in at the time of application.

  • Two recommendation letters from people other than the group director.
  • A transcript from High School and/or an Authorization letter from the group director (one applicant per group)
  • Scores on the SAT and ACT are optional.
  • High-definition headshot image (JPG or JPEG required)

These materials, which must be in PDF format, are attached to the online application at the conclusion. Note that all required documentation must be sent at the time of application to your school color guide director.


Scholarships for color guard members not only offer financial assistance but also honor their commitment, skill, and labor in this distinctive and dynamic performing arts field. These scholarships represent a dedication to recognizing the variety of skills and interests, providing chances for students to follow their academic aspirations and remain active in the Color Guard.

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