Calvin Coolidge Scholarship

The fact that students from all over the world can apply for scholarships is one of my favorite things about the United States. The Coolidge Scholarship is a full-ride executive scholarship that is given out every year to undergraduate students.

 It pays for all living expenses during the four years of study, including tuition food, and lodging. Recipients can utilize the Coolidge at any authorized American college or university. Anyone can apply to this nonpartisan, need-blind program, regardless of background or academic field of study.

In the final quarter of the senior year, students apply for the Coolidge Scholarship. The Coolidge Historic Preservation site in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, hosts a finalist weekend for finalists, during which they are flown in to have interviews with the Coolidge Scholars Finalist Jury.

The thirty-first president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge, is a little-known figure whose accomplishments demand more attention. In the contentious political climate of today, Coolidge’s admiration for decorum, traditional democracy, independent thinking, political collaboration, and common sense stands out. 

Throughout his life, Coolidge was guided by the principles of our forefathers, the rule of law, and Providence. Calvin Coolidge was a young New England man who excelled in academia and enjoyed public speaking, usually addressing issues of public policy. 

Thus, the primary factor that sets Coolidge Scholars apart is academic achievement. Additional requirements include a track record of public policy interest, an understanding of the principles Coolidge promoted, and qualities of leadership, service, and humility.

7 benefits of the Coolidge Scholarship

Full-Ride Scholarship

Calvin Coolidge Scholarship winners frequently receive full scholarships, which pay for all living expenses, tuition, and books for a four-year college program. The financial assistance provided to scholars and their relatives lessens the weight of the educational costs.

Leadership Development 

Calvin Coolidge Scholars have access to special workshops and programs for leadership development, equipping them with the knowledge and abilities needed for leadership roles in a variety of future fields.

Professional Development

The scholarship gives recipients access to professional development or internship opportunities, enabling them to develop a strong professional network and obtain practical experience in their fields of study.

Recognition and Prestige

A Calvin Coolidge Scholar’s reputation and recognition in academic and professional circles open doors and improve their resumes, among other benefits.

Alumni Network

Joining the vast Calvin Coolidge Scholarship alumni network gives scholars access to opportunities for professional networking, mentorship, and collaboration after graduation.

Social networking and Mentoring

Calvin Coolidge Scholars can connect with prominent leaders, alumni, and coaches who can offer assistance and encouragement throughout their educational and career journeys by taking advantage of the scholarship’s frequent mentorship opportunities.

Community Involvement

 Calvin Scholars frequently take part in leadership and community service initiatives that promote civic engagement and a dedication to having a positive impact.


The Coolidge scholarship team is incredibly proud of the extraordinary commitment, intelligence, and leadership displayed by each applicant to the Calvin Coolidge Scholarship program. The extraordinary people who uphold the principles of President Calvin Coolidge public service, integrity, and academic excellence—continue to carry on his legacy. This scholarship serves as a symbol of the value of education, community service, and striving for greatness in addition to providing financial assistance.

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