How To Apply For John Lepping Memorial Scholarship

Are you aware of this John Lepping Memorial Scholarship, which is simple to apply for? In honor of John Lepping, a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers offers financial assistance through the John Lepping Memorial Scholarship. 

The scholarship is intended for students who have been diagnosed with cancer and whose families have experienced significant financial hardship as a result of the illness and its treatments. The John Lepping Memorial Scholarship will be given to deserving students who want to go to college to further their education.

For disabled people who might not have the money to attend college because of their high medical expenses, this scholarship will help to offset the costs of higher education. The John Lepping Memorial Scholarship honors the enduring legacy of the deceased while serving as a beacon of celebration and remembrance. 

Through its Education Assistance for Disabled Youth program, this scholarship aims to encourage and boost those who are disabled. It conveys the principles of empathy, support, and zeal that characterized John Lepping’s character.

John Lepping left behind a legacy of generosity, tenacity, and a strong belief in the transformative power of education. The scholarship is given to families who are having difficulty paying for their children’s college education as well as their medical and rehabilitation expenses. 

His scholarship bears witness to these qualities. Fortunately, the scholarship can be awarded to individuals with an extensive list of physical as well as mental ailments. Those recipients have included pupils living with spinal cord damage, rare autoimmune diseases, crippling Lyme disease, intellectual disability, Fraser’s syndrome, and Cress syndrome. 

Details of eligibility

  • Aside from living in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or New York, candidates must be in the US
  • For college students or recent graduates, US citizenship or legal status is required.
  • Recipients of US scholarships must be US residents and be able to show proof of disability along with a doctor’s letter of confirmation.
  • The recipient must prove academic success by demonstrating that they have worked to their full potential, prove that they fall into one of the three aforementioned categories, and be granted admission to a higher education institution. 
  • It is necessary to have three recommendation letters.


Before the deadline, applicants must submit the materials listed below.

  • one-page essay
  • Evidence of enrollment
  • academic record
  • Recommendation letter

How to Apply: Send all necessary documents to the foundation’s email at to apply for the scholarship. 


The John Lepping Memorial Scholarship is proof of the long-lasting influence of a life devoted to helping the underprivileged. Every participant in this scholarship program embodies the spirit of making a significant difference, reflecting John’s conviction that education can change people’s lives and communities. A better future will be created for future generations if we all work together to uphold a culture of academic excellence, kindness, and service. Let’s keep this tradition going.

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