Highest Paying Cleaner Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Are you prepared to explore the world of high-paying cleaning positions in Canada that sponsor visas? It might not be simple to find a cleaning job in Canada with a sponsoring visa, but it is possible to find a good cleaning job that will enable you to immigrate to Canada, the country of your dreams.

Cleaners looking for not only a job but also a chance to grow in a friendly environment can find a variety of opportunities across Canada’s diverse regions, from the busy urban landscapes of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal to the peaceful communities nestled in the scenic countryside. 

The nation’s dedication to upholding cleanliness in public areas, businesses, healthcare facilities, and other settings has improved the standing of cleaning occupations, which now offer competitive pay and exciting career paths.

People who are looking for employment possibilities and an excellent cost of living frequently travel to Canada. The cleaning sector is no different, providing a variety of employment opportunities for individuals with an interest in this area. If you’re thinking about working as a cleaner in Canada and need help getting a sponsored visa.

The need for cleaners with experience has increased in Canada in recent years, and there is an immediate need for people who can keep spaces spotless. A multitude of job opportunities, including industrial cleaning, hospital sanitation, commercial janitorial services, and specialized cleaning methods for diverse surfaces and materials, have been made available to cleaners with specialized skills due to the increase in demand.

Furthermore, thanks to the Canadian government’s acknowledgment of the value of foreign talent, numerous businesses are actively looking for foreign candidates to fill crucial cleaning positions. 

These companies frequently sponsor visas, giving talented cleaners from around the world a way to experience Canada’s rich cultural diversity and high standard of living while contributing their skills to the country’s thriving economy.

Janitorial Supervisor

To keep different facilities clean and hygienic, a janitorial supervisor is essential. A high school degree or its equivalent is required for this position, in addition to prior supervisory experience. Janitorial supervisors manage a group of custodians or janitors, making sure that cleaning duties are completed effectively and in compliance with regulations. The annual salary ranges from CAD 40,000 to CAD 60,000 on average.

Hotel Cleaner

An essential component of the hospitality sector, hotel cleaners are in charge of keeping common areas, lobbies, and rooms tidy and clean. Basic cleaning abilities and attention to detail are required for this role. Hotel cleaners make sure that beds are made, amenities are restocked, and guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned. Annual salary of CAD 30,000.

Window Cleaner

To maintain the cleanliness and transparency of windows in residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, a window cleaner is in charge. Working at heights and having prior experience with window cleaning methods are prerequisites for this position. Window cleaners ought to be familiar with safety protocols, such as how to use harnesses and other protective gear correctly. Annual salary of CAD 32,000

Carpet Cleaner

The task of preserving and regaining the cleanliness of carpets and upholstery falls to the specialized cleaning specialist known as a carpet cleaner. This position usually calls for extensive knowledge of various carpet types and cleaning procedures, as well as expertise with carpet cleaning techniques. Carpet cleaners are adept at removing stains and grime from carpets using a variety of tools and cleaning agents, leaving them looking clean and presentable. Salary of CAD 35,000 annually.

Commercial Cleaner

In commercial settings like offices, retail stores, and public areas, commercial cleaners are essential to the upkeep of hygienic conditions. Basic cleaning abilities and the capacity to work both independently and collaboratively are requirements for this role. Commercial cleaners are in charge of dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and sanitizing surfaces, among other cleaning duties. Annual salary of CAD 32,000

Housekeeping Attendant

A housekeeping attendant is essential to the upkeep of cleanliness and organization in lodging facilities such as hotels and resorts. Usually, the job requires a high school diploma or its equivalent. Since housekeeping attendants are in charge of cleaning and organizing guest rooms, meticulous attention to detail is essential. In Canada, a housekeeping attendant typically makes between CAD 30,000 and CAD 35,000 a year.

Custodial Worker

A custodial worker is in charge of keeping public spaces, workplaces, and educational institutions clean and hygienic. Typically, this job requires rudimentary numeracy and literacy skills. Custodial workers are skilled in using cleaning tools and materials and applying various cleaning methods to various surfaces. In Canada, the average pay for a custodial worker is about CAD 28,000.

School Custodian

To keep educational facilities safe, hygienic, and clean, a school custodian is essential. Working with children and possessing basic cleaning skills are prerequisites for this role. The cleaning of classrooms, hallways, restrooms, and other common areas on school property is the duty of school custodians. The salary payment is CAD 25,000.

Hospital Cleaner

A hospital’s ability to maintain a hygienic and secure environment is greatly aided by its hospital cleaner. The ability to manage biohazardous waste responsibly and knowledge of infection control protocols are prerequisites for this role. The duties of hospital cleaners include stock replenishment, surface disinfection, and patient room cleaning. To interact professionally and sympathetically with patients, visitors, and healthcare staff, they should have good communication skills. CAD 30,000 in salary 

Industrial Cleaner

In industrial settings like factories, manufacturing plants, and warehouses, industrial cleaners are essential to the upkeep of safety and cleanliness. A specialized understanding of industrial cleaning tools, methods, and safety procedures is needed for this role. Industrial cleaners are in charge of clearing out trash, disinfecting machinery, and making sure the workplace is tidy and orderly. In Canada, the typical annual compensation for an industrial cleaner is between CAD 35,000 – CAD 40,000.


These ten job options provide opportunities for visa sponsorship if you have a strong desire to maintain cleanliness and are thinking about pursuing a career in the cleaning industry in Canada. When paired with generous benefits packages and a dedication to occupational safety, Canada’s competitive pay for cleaners, which frequently exceeds average international standards, attracts individuals looking for both career advancement and personal fulfillment.

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