10 Best Apple Pickers Jobs In Canada

Canada is renowned for producing an enormous range of fruits and for having a diverse agricultural landscape. Canada grows a variety of fruits, depending on the climate and region. Jobs in Canada related to picking fruit are seasonal agricultural positions that entail gathering fruit from orchards and farms. 

Depending on the region and type of fruit, these jobs are often available during the busiest harvest season, which is usually late spring to early fall. Harvesting ripe apples, sorting them, and getting them ready for packaging are all part of the job of apple picking. Canada has a large number of apple farms. 

Picking Honeycrisp apples, red delicious apples, blueberries, and strawberries is a common job these days. There are jobs available for picking grapes during the harvest season. Workers assist in harvesting apples for wine production.

Since apple and fruit pickers are required to return to Canada from abroad, they are without a doubt among the best seasonal jobs available in the country. An apple picker makes CAD 15.20 per hour. No upgraded diploma, credentials, or qualification. 

It is a famous job among numerous young individuals who are willing to take on a completely new task in exchange for financial compensation. It is your responsibility to select apples from farms. It’s similar to having to select fruits. After that, they will all probably be arranged together, and the packing process will start.

Unionville Farms of Mushrooms Inc.

Apple pickers in Unionville are in charge of manually selecting ripe apples from orchard trees. They have to load, unload, and move crates, supplies, and farm produce in addition to sorting and packing fruits and vegetables. $16.50 is the pay. 

Ghuman Villa, Inc.

Apple pickers at Ghuman Villa use poles or ladders to reach the apples at different levels. Ripe fruits are carefully picked, taking care to avoid damaging them in the process. Their hourly wage is $15.90.

Sara Farms

Apples at Sara Farms must be sorted according to three factors: size, quality, and variety. Apple pickers either sort the apples right there in the field or pack them into containers to be transported to packing houses for additional sorting. Pay per hour is $16.75.

Green Acres Orchard

At Green Acres Orchard, apples are carefully selected by hand to guarantee that only the highest-quality fruits are harvested. In the orchard itself, workers sort the apples according to size and quality. The hourly wage is $17.50.

Valley View Farms

Apple pickers at Valley View Farms use specialized equipment to pick apples efficiently. The size and color of the harvested apples are used to grade them. Employee hourly pay is $18.00.

Golden Harvest Orchards

Golden Harvest Orchards places a high value on choosing only the best apples. On-site, workers carefully arrange apples according to their size, color, and ripeness. The starting hourly wage is $16.00.

Crimson Crest Farms

At Crimson Crest Farms, apples are harvested by hand, sorted, and packed right there in the orchard. Employees make sure that only the best fruits are chosen. It costs $17.75.

Sunrise Orchards

At Sunrise Orchards, hand-picking and sorting are highly valued. Before packing apples for shipping, workers sort them on the spot based on factors like size and quality. The offered hourly rate is $16.50.

Northern Breeze Farms

Employees at Northern Breeze Farms hand-pick apples and perform preliminary sorting according to size and appearance. The pay rate is $18.50 per hour, with performance-based wage increases possible.

Maple Ridge Orchard

Apples must be hand-selected and categorized by employees at Maple Ridge Orchard based on size and quality. In the field, apples are packed for transportation. It pays $17.25 per hour.

Final thoughts

A vital component of the agricultural sector, especially during harvest season, is apple picking. Jobs involving apple picking are usually seasonal and depend on the type of apple and the climate in the area. Although these jobs can be physically taxing, they provide the chance to work outside and support the agricultural sector.

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