10 Best Apple Pickers Jobs In USA

The United States is home to orchards that entice people who want to partake in the centuries-old custom of picking apples because of its varied topography and lush soil. We set out to discover and celebrate the top ten apple-picking jobs spread throughout this vast and productive land, from the sun-kissed groves of California to the charming farms of New England. 

Every orchard has its unique charm, a harmonious blend of the splendor of nature and the prospect of fulfilling work. Going beyond simply picking apples, these jobs provide an immersive experience, enabling employees to join a long-standing custom and add to the agricultural economy of the country. 

My parents are immigrants from Africa who have stayed in the US for 15 years, picking fruits to earn a living. and I can tell you it’s been an amazing time working in this orchard. This article explores the subtleties of these ten outstanding orchards, each with its unique charm and a shared dedication to offering a productive and fulfilling workplace for people who are ready to welcome the harvest season.

These orchards offer an immersive experience that goes beyond hourly pay and physical labor. It’s a chance to observe nature’s cycles, take in the vivid fall colors, and build relationships with other laborers among the rows of apple-laden trees.

Apple Acres Orchards 

Famous for its vast apple groves, Apple Acres Orchards is tucked away in Washington State’s scenic surroundings. Employees pick by hand with care, following strict guidelines for quality. Hourly pay starts at $15.50, providing a competitive benefits package.

Hilltop Harvest Farms 

For apple lovers looking for seasonal work, Hilltop Harvest Farms is a guiding light in the center of New York’s apple country. Workers pick and sort apples with care, paying $14.75 per hour for their labor. 

Sunshine Valley Orchard 

With its expansive apple orchards and wide variety, Sunshine Valley Orchard in California beckons. While harvesting under the warm sun and taking in the stunning scenery of the Golden State, workers are paid a competitive hourly wage of $16.00.

Rocky Ridge Farms

A distinctive apple-picking experience is provided by Rocky Ridge Farms in Virginia, which is surrounded by gently rolling hills. Here, laborers carefully harvest apples by hand for an hourly wage of $14.00, all the while savoring the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside.

Green Meadows Orchards

Green Meadows Orchards in Michigan invites its employees to help harvest delicious, crisp apples. Employees appreciate the natural splendor of the Midwest’s orchards and contribute to a plentiful harvest while earning an hourly wage that starts at $13.50.

Valley View Farms 

Amidst breathtaking valley views, Valley View Farms in Oregon is home to acres and acres of apple trees. Employees pick and sort carefully while earning a competitive $15.25 per hour in a calm, green workplace.

Harvest Haven Orchard 

The Harvest Haven Orchard in Massachusetts provides a traditional New England apple-picking experience. At $14.50 per hour, workers carefully hand-select apples while taking in the splendor of the fall foliage.

Golden Grove Gardens 

Golden Grove Gardens, with its ripe orchards, beckons amid Pennsylvania’s golden landscapes. Encircled by the charm of the Keystone State, laborers earn an hourly wage of $13.75, engaging in meticulous harvesting.

Mountain View Orchards 

Mountain View Orchards in Colorado provides the experience of picking apples at a high altitude. For $15.00 an hour, laborers meticulously harvest while savoring the fresh mountain air and the breathtaking views of the Rockies.

Southern Sun Farms 

Georgia’s Southern Sun Farms welcomes laborers to its apple orchards in the heart of the South. Workers enjoy the pleasant weather and Southern hospitality while making a valuable contribution to a bountiful harvest, all for an hourly wage of $14.25. It’s a chance to observe nature’s cycles, take in the vivid fall colors, and build relationships with other laborers among the rows of apple-laden trees.


These jobs Picking apples serves as a doorway to a life-changing encounter. Apart from the simple task of picking apples, these jobs offer an opportunity for employees to observe the design of nature’s cycles and the friendships that develop during harvest. With its distinct charm and environment, every orchard provides more than just a means of subsistence.

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