10 Best Fully Funded Scholarships In Australia For International Students

Australia is quickly rising to prominence as a study-abroad destination. Approximately 645,000 foreign students study in Australia each year. Australia is a popular study destination for international students because of its world-class universities, stunning natural surroundings, energetic cities, and large oceans. 

You will have the chance to pursue a top-notch education from esteemed universities if you study in Australia. Scholarships will be granted by the Australian government without the need for the IELTS exam. The Australian government provides funding for these scholarships, which are available for both Masters and PhD programs. 

Furthermore, many Australian educational institutions do not ask for an IELTS score for admission, which makes Australia a popular choice for international students looking to study abroad. Numerous Australian universities admit applicants without an IELTS score especially students who are not even from English-speaking countries. 

In Australia, scholarship applications are free of charge. The bulk of these scholarships are provided by the Australian government. Australia is a desirable study destination because of its amazing lifestyle. Be at ease!

For the academic year 2024–2025, over 1000 scholarships to Australia are offered to international students by prestigious Australian universities. These scholarships cover tuition, housing costs, health insurance, and travel expenses in addition to an average monthly stipend of AUD 20,000.

Monash University Scholarship

For overseas students, the Monash University Scholarship is fully funded. This scholarship is available to support research for doctorates. This scholarship includes an AUD 35,600 annual living allowance, an AUD 550 relocation allowance, and an AUD 1,500 research allowance.

Southern Cross University Scholarships

Students from overseas can apply for the funded Southern Cross University Scholarship. This scholarship is available for graduate and undergraduate work. This scholarship is worth AUD 5,000 per year in fee reduction, and it is paid in installments starting in the first session of each study year. 

Edith Cowan University Scholarships

For overseas students, the Edith Cowan University Scholarship is fully funded. Scholarships for master’s and doctoral studies are available. This scholarship offers overseas students health insurance, a relocation allowance, and an annual stipend of AUD 28,420.

Deakin University Scholarships

Students from other countries can apply for fully funded scholarships at Deakin University. These postgraduate scholarships offer a stipend of AUD 28,600 annually, health insurance, and a relocation allowance ranging from AUD 500 to AUD 1,500.

Rotary Peace Fellowship Program

Global learners can apply for fully funded Rotary Peace Fellowships. These are the only graduate-level scholarships available. The Rotary Peace Fellowships Program pays for all internship and field study costs, as well as tuition, fees, lodging, and board.

Griffith University Scholarships

Students from other nations can apply for scholarships from Griffith University to pursue undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral studies. 

Queensland University Law Scholarships

Students from other countries can apply for the partially funded Queensland University Law Scholarships. This scholarship is available for master’s programs and, based on the head’s recommendation, will pay 25% or 50% of the tuition.

Melbourne Research Scholarships

Foreign learners can apply for the fully funded Melbourne Research Scholarship (MRS). There are about 600 scholarships available for research studies leading to master’s and doctoral degrees. This scholarship provides an AUD 31,200 annual living allowance, a full fee offset, a relocation grant, a single membership in Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC), and many other benefits.

Vice-Chancellor Deakin International Scholarship

International students are eligible to apply for the Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate study. Either 50% or all of your tuition will be paid for by this scholarship.

Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship

For overseas students, the Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship is fully funded. This scholarship is available for graduate and undergraduate work. The Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship can reduce your course costs by AUD 2,500 annually.


For international students, obtaining a fully funded scholarship in Australia is the start of an amazing academic journey. Whether it’s the esteemed Australia Awards, the life-changing potential of the Endeavour Leadership Program, or the focused opportunities offered by universities like the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney, each scholarship offers a different path. These scholarships create an environment where students can concentrate on their studies by paying for living expenses, travel, and research in addition to tuition. 

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