10 Types Of Job Opportunities Abroad Without Experience

Gaining work experience and experiencing different cultures can be achieved through working overseas. You can travel to new places and advance your career with a variety of overseas jobs that you can pursue without experience. Any job that a person can apply for while enrolled in a college degree program or without a college degree is considered an overseas job that requires no experience. 

Jobs abroad occasionally accept candidates without a high school degree. To be successful in these positions, new hires might need to finish on-the-job training. For Americans looking to travel abroad and gain valuable work experience, multinational firms and working abroad schemes often offer employment opportunities.

It can be scary to live and work overseas for the first time. But the advantages far exceed any initial anxiety or uncertainty you may have. A few benefits of working overseas include the chance to broaden your horizons, develop as a global citizen, and obtain unique international work experience. 

You can encounter different cultures, lifestyles, and experiences when you work overseas. It’s exciting and exposes you to a whole new level while providing you with a more comprehensive understanding of how things work. Most people would typically love to work overseas, but not everyone is aware of the best ways to make it happen. 

Tour guides

Tour guides need to convey the wonder of a place to their assembled audience. Whether they are experts on the Louvre, Tiananmen Square, or the Sahara Desert, they are knowledgeable about particular areas and attractions. These are typically part-time jobs that are mostly tip-based. Although the income is not guaranteed, working as a freelancer allows you greater scheduling flexibility. 

Au pair

Young adults known as au pairs live abroad with host families, looking after the children in exchange for a monthly stipend and full room and board. Being an au pair could be your ticket to an exciting life overseas if you have experience working with children, have a background in education, or just adore them. 

Hotel breakfast server

As members of the culinary services staff, hotel breakfast workers are employed by hotels and resorts. They arrange buffet tables in the hotel dining room and carry breakfast buffet items from the kitchen to the dining room. 

Event planning intern

Foreign nations and popular tourist destinations host a wide range of festivals and cultural events. Event management firms might require the services of interns or volunteers to help with administrative tasks, marketing campaigns, reservations for events, and setup and cleanup procedures. While most internships in event planning don’t have any requirements, some employers might favor applicants with a high school degree.

Cruise ships worker

Cruise ships are like huge, glistening floating cities. With so many dining options, spas, gaming areas, shops, and other amenities, there’s hardly a land job that doesn’t exist on a cruise ship. On board, they need plenty of cashiers, chefs, waiters, and performers.

Fitness and sports instructor

Sports and fitness instructors work in a range of environments overseas. Local companies, hotels, resorts, and camps all employ qualified instructors to run their programs. There are opportunities in an exciting number of countries, whether you have certification to teach scuba diving, yoga, surfing, skiing, or other sports. You can also work as a wilderness guide.

Landscape laborer

Landscape laborers can be employed by private property landscaping teams or by landscaping companies. They dig holes, mow lawns, trim trees and shrubs, mulch garden beds, lay pathways, and help with repairs as needed. 

Digital nomads

More opportunities are available globally for individuals with a steady freelance income or an existing contract due to the growing trend of digital nomadism. Digital nomads frequently work in programming, freelancing writing, web and graphic design, and photography.

Hotel housekeeper

The cleaning duties that hotel housekeepers are tasked with performing include dusting, sanitizing restrooms, vacuuming, and mopping floors. After meals, they help guests by returning room service trays to the kitchen.


In addition to helping parents take care of their kids, babysitting jobs abroad offers people the ability to travel and immerse themselves in new cultures. Those who wish to work as nannies overseas should search for openings through reliable sources, such as international nanny services.


Can you work remotely abroad?

It is possible to work remotely from another nation. That response, though, also depends on some variables about data protection, taxes, visas, and employment regulations.

Can I work for a UK company and live in Germany?

You have to pay your social security taxes in Germany along with your employer, even if you stay employed by a UK-based company. Your entitlement to certain benefits, including healthcare, would be derived from your social security contributions in Germany.

Do I pay UK tax if I work abroad?

Whether you are required to pay depends on whether the UK considers you to be a “resident.” You won’t be required to pay UK tax on your foreign income if you don’t live in the UK. In most cases, residents of the UK are required to pay taxes on their foreign income. But if your “domicile,” or permanent residence, is overseas, you might not need to.

Can I work remotely for a US company without a visa?

You do not require a US work permit or visa in order to work if you are employed by a US company and are not a resident of the US. Your potential American employer must both extend an employment offer to you and consent to your working remotely from another nation.

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