How To Apply For Paid Work Abroad With Accommodation

It is most definitely no longer the case that finding a job abroad was nearly impossible in the past. Hi, it’s 2024, and employment overseas without experience or housing is still possible! Anyone who has always wanted to relocate, work, and live overseas now has the chance to realize their dream. 

You can choose from a plethora of job options abroad, ranging from small positions like working in tourism or as an au pair to working in your specialized field but in a different nation. Is there a catch, you ask? Absolutely no catch. There are countless English-speaking jobs available abroad that include housing; all you need to do is know where to look.

Naturally, housing is one of the top concerns for anyone considering taking a job overseas. But you won’t have to worry about that because, as always, we’ve got you covered! You will receive lodging and paid work abroad if that’s what you’re searching for, as we’ve already established jobs with accommodation offers.  

It’s not as expensive or difficult as people think to work abroad. especially since you might be spared from paying rent! In addition to their monthly salary, free housing is a common tactic used by foreign employers to entice employees. When attempting to relocate overseas, one of the most important considerations is where you want to live. Particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the town or city.

Extend Your Lookup

Naturally, your first instinct will be to look into the typical housing market, where costs can occasionally exceed your means. If you have secured employment overseas, it is perfectly acceptable to inquire with your employer about housing options or, at the very least, assistance in locating affordable housing that may be located near your place of employment.

Verify The References

You can obtain tenant references in the same way that landlords typically do. Even though the price and appearance of a place are always ideal, what happens if there is a catch? It is not ideal to sign a contract only to discover later that the space has issues. 

Find The Sources of Employment

Examine job boards, hiring companies, and particular initiatives or groups that assist in matching foreign accommodations with work placements. There are opportunities for volunteering or working in exchange for lodging on websites such as Workaway, HelpX, or WWOOF.

Get The Required Documents Ready

Make sure you have all the paperwork you need to work abroad, such as a current passport, a work visa if needed, and any specialized licenses or certifications needed for the job you want.

Customize Your CV/Resume

Make your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume unique by emphasizing experiences and abilities that correspond with the positions you’re looking for overseas. Highlight any prior work experience or abilities that you believe will be helpful in your ideal position.

Apply On-site or Directly Via Websites

Apply straight to positions that provide housing or look into initiatives that help arrange placements that include housing. Employee housing is a common feature of some programs, like teaching English overseas or hiring seasonal workers in the hospitality industry.


Express your desires regarding accommodations during the application and interview processes, and ask questions about any unclear points. As with any employment agreement or lease, you should review the terms and accompanying documentation. Given that your living situation is linked to your employment, you should take extra care when entering into agreements. Pay particular attention to how simple it is for you to get up and leave if necessary.

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