Best Nursing School Essay Examples

Having a strong essay for nursing school is essential to having your application reviewed and accepted. You will most likely need to write a nursing school statement of purpose to be admitted to your preferred program, regardless of whether you are just starting in the nursing field and want to apply to nursing schools or are looking to advance your career by becoming a clinical nurse specialist or nurse practitioner. 

One of the finest ways to make an impression on a nursing school application is through your personal statement for nursing school. Composing a superb essay for nursing school is merely one of those elements. A nursing school essay outlining your reasons for wanting to become a nurse and why you are a good fit for the program is often required for many accelerated nursing programs. 

The essay demonstrates your unique personality and offers a more comprehensive view of your professional aspirations and nursing passion. This will assist the admissions committee in determining your suitability for the program. Having a strong essay for nursing school is essential to having your application reviewed and accepted. 

You should put a lot of effort into organizing your nursing school essay to do this well. Emphasize the topics you wish to cover in your essay, give a brief account of your own experience, 

4 Smart Tips for Writing a Nursing Essay

  • To capture the reader’s interest, begin your essay with an intriguing topic sentence. You want the reader to have a sense of your personality and your definition of nursing.
  • Writing essays for nursing school that are effective conveys your personality and persuades the reader that you are a qualified applicant. An excellent method to accomplish this is by narrating a personal tale.
  • Your long-term nursing career goals ought to be included in your statement. State your objectives, whether they are to assist children or to further your education to become a specialty nurse.
  • You can review your education and work history from your test results, resume, and transcripts. Tell the selection committee what they mean.


Examining excellent nursing school essays provides priceless insights into the complex characteristics of a strong application. These essays demonstrate personal experiences, a love of healthcare, and a commitment to the nursing profession, all of which serve as guiding principles. Aspiring nurses can draw inspiration from these examples to craft narratives that highlight their distinct experiences, motivations, and goals. The best essays for nursing schools embody empathy, fortitude, and a sincere desire to improve the lives of others.

Best Nursing School Essay Examples

Sample 1 

Growing up, I had a strong interest in healthcare because my mother is an orthopedic doctor, so I was fascinated by biology and the human body. Nevertheless, my desire to become a nurse was cemented by my own experiences. Seeing my little Tobi struggle with a chronic illness made me realize just how much of an impact skilled nursing treatment can have on a patient’s life journey. 

In addition to relieving his physical pain, the nurses’ compassion, commitment, and support brought him emotional comfort during a trying period while he was at home. This encounter stoked my interest in nursing. I became aware of the enormous power and accountability nurses have in influencing the healthcare experience. 

My goal is to be that guiding force providing families and individuals managing difficulties with health with warmth and empathy in addition to medical assistance. My ideals are strongly aligned with the holistic approach of nursing, which combines scientific understanding with sincere human connection. 

This is especially true since I witnessed my younger brother receiving nursing care. In addition, nursing gives me the chance to combine my natural desire to assist people with a career that requires ongoing education and development. I’m excited about the constantly evolving environment of healthcare, where there are always new opportunities for learning and challenges to overcome. 

I can’t wait to explore the many facets of nursing, from developing clinical expertise to embracing the changing technologies influencing contemporary healthcare delivery. In the end, my desire to improve people’s lives is what ultimately led me to choose a career in nursing. 

I think that by welcoming both the sciences and the arts of nursing, I can make a significant difference in people’s lives and communities, creating a positive influence that goes well beyond the hospital’s walls.


Sample 2 

My experiences and personal values have shaped my path toward becoming a nurse. Growing up in a small town, I saw firsthand the value of compassion and understanding during difficult times, particularly when Gina, a friend with sickle cell disease, was in danger of losing her health. However, the day I volunteered at a neighborhood clinic where she was admitted was a turning point in my adolescence that ignited my love for nursing.

I was greatly impacted by interacting with patients from a variety of backgrounds and by seeing the nurses’ unwavering dedication. Not only did they exhibit clinical expertise, but they also consistently showed compassion and advocated for the best interests of each patient.  

My appreciation for the nursing profession has grown as a result of these experiences, as I now see it as a means of positively impacting lives and encouraging change. In addition, my personal experiences with medical professionals in trying times reinforced my respect for the nursing field. 

The understanding and encouragement I received during my depression following Gina’s passing left a lasting impression on me, motivating me to become a ray of hope and consolation for those who are in need.

For me, working in nursing is a chance to combine my love of helping others with a field that values interpersonal relationships. It is consistent with my views on the value of holistic treatment and the transformational potential of empathy. My desire to become a nurse is fueled by the idea of representing patients’ interests and assisting them on their path to health and well-being.

Sincerely, I feel that being a nurse is more than just a job decision; it is a calling that stems from my desire to improve society and significantly impact people’s lives when they are most in need.

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