What Course Can I Study With F9 In Literature

It is generally possible to take courses in a variety of subjects, even if your literature grade was an F9 . The particular prerequisites for courses differ between schools and programs. Certain courses might not have mandatory prerequisites or might accept applicants with different backgrounds or areas of study.

Although specific courses that can be pursued with an F9 in Literature may differ depending on the institution and their prerequisites, the following general course categories may be possible to enroll in.

1. Health Sciences

A significant emphasis on literature as a prerequisite may not be placed on some programs in nursing, pharmacy, or other health sciences. A science student who got F9 in Literature and wishes to study any medical course cannot be hindered, as Literature is not a major course in the science discipline.

2. Some Information Technology and Systems Courses

Certain IT courses, such as Information Systems, Software Development, or IT Management, may have very little literature requirement depending on the program.

3. Some Social Science Courses

There are¬†social science courses that don’t particularly call for literature courses, such as psychology, sociology, or anthropology.

4. Economics and Business

Literature requirements may not always be strictly enforced in business-related courses like Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Economics, and Management.

5. Courses in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)

Literature-related prerequisites are either nonexistent or very minimal in fields like biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, engineering, and such.

Courses You Can Explore With F9 In Literature





Software Engineering

Computer Science

Business Management

History and International Relations

Environmental Science

Creative and visual arts

Fine and Applied Arts

Sociology and Anthropology



Philosophy and Religious Studies

History and Diplomatic Studies


Urban and Regional Planning


Linguistics and Hausa

Igbo Studies



Banking and Finance



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