Challenge Yourself Scholarship Requirements

Scholarships facilitate learning. Getting financial aid and scholarships for higher education is always a good idea, whether they are full or partial. Due to the high cost of education, many students are unable to finish their college degrees. 

These kinds of students can receive grants and scholarships to help them finish their education. Attorney Greg Gold and the Colorado-based legal team at The Gold Law Firm honor Kevin Maez (1986–2022) by giving five scholarships to first-year college freshmen in the United States each semester. 

The $1,000 prizes will be mailed straight to the financial aid offices of the selected students. It is a privilege for The Gold Law Firm to provide scholarships to first-year students who have dedicated their early schooling to rigorous skill development events like speech, debate club, theater, acting, and scouting. 

They believe that engagement in and commitment to these kinds of activities significantly contribute to a student’s development of essential leadership abilities, self-assurance, and accountability. Their goal with The Gold Law Firm Challenge Yourself Scholarship is to increase access to education for students who strive for personal growth both inside and outside of the classroom. 

The Gold Law Firm Challenge Yourself Scholarship has taken the initiative to organize the best scholarships available worldwide to make education accessible to everyone. Students can apply for scholarships in the simplest way possible right here. When students attempt to apply for scholarships, they encounter relatively few challenges. 

The first challenge is locating the right scholarship. Challenge Yourself is a fiercely competitive financial aid scheme. Participation in this program requires academic excellence, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Students with a bachelor’s or master’s degree are eligible to apply for this scholarship.


Financial aid is being offered to first-year college students who participated in any of the following activities during their high school or childhood years: speech, debate club, acting/theatre, scouting, or debate club, through The Gold Law Firm Challenge Yourself Scholarship.

All qualified applicants must not only take part in one or more of these events but also have plans to enroll as incoming freshmen in an accredited college or university. The student must also be at least 17 years old and possess American citizenship or permanent residency. 


Students who wish to be considered for their spring semester 2024 Gold Law Scholarship must submit an essay (approximately 500 words) with the following components:

A well-reasoned answer to: How has involvement in extracurricular activities like scouting, acting, debate, speech, and/or debate helped you overcome challenging times in your life, develop your leadership abilities, or position yourself for future success?

At least one embedded image to support the applicant’s message should be included in every essay. The Gold Law Firm is a firm believer in the communicational power of imagery. In addition to supplying legal arguments, they frequently give documents with communication-enhancing images to juries and courts.


The objective of the Gold Law Firm Challenge Yourself Scholarship is to increase access to education for students who strive for personal growth both inside and outside of the classroom. It is thought that participation in and dedication to these kinds of activities greatly aid in a student’s development of critical leadership skills, conviction, and accountability.

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