How To Apply For Chief Manuelito Scholarship Program

The Chief Manuelito Scholarship is a global scholarship program that awards $7000 annually to deserving students for their middle school and university tuition. The Office of the Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance (ONNSFA) administers this scholarship, which is one of the ONNSFA scholarships.

The Chief Manuelito Scholarship program was started by the Navajo Nation in 1980 to honor exceptionally talented high school graduates. Chief Manuelito, Hastiin Ch’ilhaajiin (1818–1893), who urged the Navajo people to pursue education and safeguard and maintain Navajo customs and culture, is honored with this scholarship. 

Awarded $7,000 per academic year to eligible students, the Chief Manuelito Scholarship pays for direct educational costs related to attending a post-secondary institution. The Chief Manuelito Scholarship is awarded to graduating high school and college students on a $3500 per session basis.

As a recipient of benefits, you are required to turn in your grades or academic records after each session, even though they can be reaffirmed annually. Being a merit-based scholarship, the Chief Manuelito scholarship requires you to have met the minimum GPA requirements from the previous term to be eligible for payment in the subsequent session. Every year, you must manually renew by reapplying.

Qualifiability Standards

Applying for the Chief Manuelito scholarship is possible regardless of your intended college program or course of study. But you have to be enrolled in a course or program leading to a bachelor’s degree. Students pursuing associate degrees are not eligible. 

Additionally, you have to have completed some college or high school coursework on the culture of the Navajo Nation. For both high school and college, the courses are Navajo language and Navajo government, each requiring at least one unit of credit. This award is available to four-year colleges

Application Conditions

  • Application forms must be filled out.
  • A transcript is necessary.
  • An analysis of financial needs is necessary
  • Certificate of Indian Blood, Free Federal Student Aid Application (FAFSA), Admission Letter, Graduation Degree Checklist, and Schedule of Classes.

How To Apply

To avoid sending multiple applications, make sure the entries are precise and complete the application only once. Processing times will be prolonged if incomplete data is submitted or if several online applications are submitted.

  • Visit the ONNSFA website.
  • Select “Apply Online.”
  • Select whether to apply part-time or full-time.
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