Financial Aid Appeal Letter Samples

To get more funding or have your financial aid package reviewed, it may be necessary for you to write a financial aid appeal letter. Below is an example template that you can use as a reference, but don’t forget to modify it to fit your unique situation.

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Zip Code, State, City]

[Email Address]

[Your Telephone Number]



[Office of Financial Aid]

[Name of College/University]


[Zip Code, State, City]


Dear [Office of Financial Aid],

I hope this letter finds you well. I’m writing regarding the [academic year/semester] financial aid decision. I humbly ask for a reconsideration of my financial aid package because [explain the change in your financial situation or any pertinent circumstances that affect your ability to pay for your education]. I am very grateful for the financial assistance that [University/College Name] has provided me with.

[Shortly describe your current situation and include any relevant information about any changes in your family’s income, unforeseen costs, medical bills, job loss, etc. Be truthful and open, and highlight how these circumstances have affected how much you’re able to pay for your education.]

[If applicable, list any awards, excellent grades, commendations, or advancements in your academic standing that have occurred since submitting your initial financial aid application. This might make your case for more funding stronger.]

I am dedicated to pursuing my education, and I recognize how important it is to fulfill the costs involved in attending [University/College Name]. I have looked into every option, including looking for part-time work and more scholarships, but regrettably, these don’t provide enough money to cover the required costs.

Please find enclosed supporting documentation (if any, including tax forms, medical bills, and pay stubs) that provides more details about my current financial status.

I respectfully ask that my financial aid package be reviewed and given new consideration. Any increase in aid would help me immensely financially and free me up to keep pursuing my academic objectives without facing new challenges.

I appreciate you taking a look at my appeal. I value your consideration and time in this matter. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you need any more details or explanation.


[Your Name]

[Your student ID]

[Enclosures: List every document that the letter has].


To appeal financial aid decisions, you must adhere to the institution’s specific guidelines and submit any supporting documentation that may be required. Setting out the letter for your particular circumstance will significantly increase its effectiveness.

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