How To Apply For Driven Coffee Scholarship

The organization that sponsors the Driven to Make a Difference scholarship is called Driven Coffee. They believe it’s important to help those in need, both locally and globally, with educational support. For this reason, they give their partner charities 5% of every online sale. 

The Driven Coffee Scholarship offers a significant opportunity for those in the coffee industry. Driven Coffee is offering this scholarship to promote academic endeavors as well as creativity and hard work in the coffee industry. 

They award this scholarship every two years intending to improve the world by providing coffee farmers with fair prices through dependable, long-term partnerships. The Driven Coffee Scholarship seeks to support students pursuing higher education while cultivating an understanding of the subtleties of the coffee industry. 

It provides financial assistance to people who are enthusiastic about advancing the field’s expansion. Since its launch in 2019, this scholarship program has helped worthy students receive over $5,400 in scholarships and tuition assistance, and it has had a significant positive influence on their academic careers.

This scholarship, which is given out every two years in the spring and fall semesters, is intended to assist when you most need it. The Driven Coffee Scholarship is available to help with the cost of tuition, and textbooks, or just ease the financial burden of your education.

All you need to apply is writing proficiency. Since this scholarship is essay-based, you can win it with the words you write. You can compete for this scholarship by writing an engaging essay that highlights your interests, zeal, and academic aspirations.

The inclusive nature of this scholarship is what makes it so exciting. Despite the name of the company suggesting a coffee connection, all enrolled undergraduate students are eligible for this scholarship, regardless of their preference for coffee.


To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to be an undergraduate student enrolled full-time. This indicates that you ought to enroll in a college, university, or trade school to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

  • Students enrolled in schools in the US or Canada are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • You have to be a student at one of these nations’ educational institutions.
  • You will have to present documentation proving that you are currently enrolled. This could be a letter of intent to enroll in your chosen school, a transcript, or a statement of your major or area of study. 
  • Applicants need to submit three essays and documentation of their enrollment. These essays play a vital role in the application process and are assessed to determine your eligibility.

How to Apply

Complete the application form

Filling out the Driven Coffee Scholarship application is the first step. You must fill out this form with your personal information, including your name, contact information, and any other pertinent background data. You will also need to include information about your current education, such as your field of study and the name of your institution.

Submit proof of admission

You must upload an official document attesting to your current enrollment status or major declaration for them to verify your eligibility. A transcript, a letter expressing your intention to enroll, or any other official record from your school may be included.

Upload the essays

The three essays you must submit are the core of your application. Every essay ought to be a careful reaction to a particular question:

Essay 1: Describe a time when you were pushed outside of your comfort zone. What did you learn from it?  back on the lessons you took away from this encounter.

Essay 2: If you could have coffee with any person, dead or alive, who would you pick? Why? What would you discuss? Describe the people you would choose for this meeting, your reasoning for doing so, and the topics you would like to cover.

Essay 3: Describe what it means to be a leader. Explain a time when your leadership abilities were put to the test. Talk about the difficulties you encountered and the solutions you found.

Following these instructions and sending in your application along with the necessary supporting materials will put you in the best possible position to win this scholarship to help pay for your education. To ensure that your application is accepted, make sure you follow the instructions!


Applying for the Driven Coffee Scholarship is a chance to combine a love of coffee with academic endeavors. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate commitment, ingenuity, and a desire to make a significant contribution to the advancement of the field.

Keep in mind that your application is a representation of your goals, willpower, and potential influence in the coffee industry, not just a collection of documents. Take advantage of this chance to show how passionate and driven you are to achieve academic and professional success.

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