How To Write A What Makes You Unique Essay

As a Hispanic, I firmly believe that each person is incredibly unique in their special way. ranging from height to color and even language. Being unique is among the most beautiful things about being human. 

You can learn a lot about yourself and what makes you special by writing an essay about what makes you different. It’s also a fantastic method to study human attributes, qualities, and characteristics.

You now need to decide on your area of focus when writing an essay about what makes you special. You may, for instance, concentrate on your character attributes, skills, beliefs, routines, etc. You might also concentrate on the life events that have shaped who you are now.

Each of us bears the scars of our experiences, many of which define a “before” and “after” in our lives. We are all unique, and each experience contributes in some way to the development of a distinct character because no two people have the same experiences or the same reactions to those experiences.

You must plan and organize your essay once you have decided what the main points of your essay about what makes you special will be. This will assist you in maintaining organization and presenting the information in a way that the reader can easily comprehend and follow.

As a writer, your essay must reflect vulnerability. Don’t be scared to use first-person narrative and personal examples in your writing. The essay you write about what makes you unique will be much more compelling if you use your writing to convey your personality.

The better, the more detailed your examples are. They will give the reader a clear picture and greatly increase the impact of your essay. To improve your writing and leave a lasting effect on your readers, remember who your audience is.

5 Key Parts of What Makes You Unique Essay

Think back on your past journey

Think about your upbringing, interests, values, and life experiences.  Decide which characteristics of you, like your interests, talents, cultural background, obstacles you’ve overcome, or unusual hobbies, make you stand out. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is always a good way to improve your chances of success. This stage of planning provides you with an outline for your essay. 

Create a structure and develop

Your essay should be organized with an introduction, body paragraphs that highlight the various facets of your individuality, and a conclusion. Choose a few distinctive qualities of yourself to highlight in the essay. Draw attention to particular stories or experiences that exemplify these features. Keep your work from becoming 

An Introduction

Begin with a compelling introduction. Think of intriguing headlines, queries, or anecdotes to pique readers’ interest. Give the reader a clear idea of what makes you unique without giving anything away; this will help them navigate your essay.


Provide specific instances or anecdotes to bolster your uniqueness. Showcase your uniqueness by providing examples of when it was evident, rather than just telling. Be sincere and truthful. Accept vulnerability; it will often add depth and relatability to your story. Emphasize how your distinct viewpoint benefits various circumstances, interpersonal connections, or the community.  Talk about your hopes, objectives, and how your individuality will help you in your future pursuits.

Essay conclusion 

Summarize the key facets of your individuality that were covered in the essay. Provide a closing statement that makes an impact—a contemplation of your individuality and its importance.

Last remarks 

People’s beliefs are a part of what it means to be unique, and the core of a “what makes you unique” essay is authenticity, so be true to who you are while highlighting the things that set you apart. It’s easy to go overboard or hold back when writing about oneself, to the point where your essay loses its value. Make sure the writing you’re doing explains what makes you different and is pertinent to the topic at hand. If not, it will lower the caliber of your essay.

What makes you unique sample 

Being unique includes having convictions, moral principles, and even physical characteristics that set one apart from the crowd. It’s all about being noticed in a crowd. To start, I’m a 16-year-old girl who has a strong interest in computer systems. Despite having Spanish ancestry, I was raised in Oklahoma, where I currently reside with my parents.

Before my mother had an accident at work that left us all in pieces, my parents had a happy life. Dad and I, along with our older brothers, have been the pillars of our lives ever since. I have learned to appreciate life as a result of the entire experience. I’m passionate about other people, and if I am committed to my goals, I think I can achieve them.

Actually, as a redhead Spanish girl living in America, this is my main motto in life: “I can achieve all of my dreams as long as I’m committed to pursuing them.” I suppose being around boys as a child inspired me to take risks. On our father’s desktop PC, the three of us enjoyed playing games. Dad got us a PS5 and a bunch of gaming software, presumably to get us to stop using his computer. I was still very curious about how the computer operated, though.

I was curious as to why a machine would follow instructions and push buttons. This problem has always dominated my life. I am applying primarily for an opportunity to major in computer science and engineering because it has made me a truth seeker. I’m interested in the science underlying one of the greatest technological achievements in the universe’s history: the computer.

I have gone above and beyond in my quest to learn more about computers. I took out the screws and opened Dad’s computer just to look at the cables. Yes, I was receiving medical attention at a medical facility the moment I touched a bare wire when I was ten years old. It’s interesting and maybe unexpected and didn’t deter me. 

I just couldn’t resist using electronics, despite my dad’s best efforts to discourage me. He eventually gave up, trying to break me free from this intense desire. I suppose my desire for this course can be summed up by saying that I was a literal maverick. I was just called “the laptop girl” by other students all through high school. They thought I had lost my hobby, so it felt strange to them.

They thought that men should do computer repair and coding, so I was driven to disprove that. I guess I just got called the laptop girl because I always seemed to win the arguments. Every time they needed a fast fix or troubleshooting, they called me. And I did that with great pleasure. It gave me confidence that I was headed in the right direction toward achieving my goal of becoming a computer wizard.

Interestingly enough, though, my life hasn’t revolved around computers. I adore football, swimming, and camping more than anything else. I think it’s because of my family’s strong Christian traditions that I never pass up the opportunity to volunteer. 

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