20 Examples Of I Believe Essays Topic

Essays are merely written pieces of writing, but some kinds of them can highlight a student’s sense of self-worth. The “I Believe” essay is one example of this. Educators will give students what is known as an “I Believe” or “This I Believe” essay writing assignment to better prepare them for how to express their unique views on subjective subjects.

These essays are usually written from the first-person point of view to give the reader a glimpse into the writer’s personality. The author expresses their opinions on a given subject and provides evidence to back them up, covering everything from politics and religion to more intimate topics like happiness and love.

For many students, this kind of essay prompt is a welcome diversion from writing assignments that are more detailed or research-based. Assignments involving writing “I believe” essays aren’t always simple, though.

Students may find it difficult to express their opinions in a clear, succinct manner that doesn’t come across as argumentative or disrespectful to the reader. Students might also find it difficult to provide a thorough, non-overly simplistic explanation of the reasoning behind these beliefs.

Notwithstanding these difficulties, “I believe” essays can be a great way for students to express their opinions and feelings about significant subjects while also discovering more about themselves.

Engaging students in This I Believe essays is a fantastic method to support their self-expression. A number of This I Believe topics are included in this lesson to get your students interested.

Consider a belief that you have from the bottom of your heart. Anything you have discovered about life, yourself, or all of humanity via your experiences, growth, or hardships can be included in this.  Write from the bottom of your heart about a belief you have. 

It is necessary to consider your beliefs. Write about it and create a succinct, introspective essay (or life reflection). Describe your beliefs or connect your beliefs to real-world experiences and personal or observed examples. A minimum of 500 words is required for your reply. 

  1. I believe that employees who work tirelessly ought to be paid a livable wage. 
  2. I believe that world languages should be studied by all students. 
  3.  I believe that everyone who puts in the necessary effort to learn should be able to afford and attend college. 
  4. I believe that religion has no place in politics. 
  5.  I believe in finding peaceful answers to international disputes. 
  6. I believe that all new cars should come with an improved gas mileage mandate from automakers. 
  7. I believe junk food should be more expensive than organic food. 
  8. I believe that players in the NFL, NBA, and MLB are overpaid.
  9.  I believe Joe Webb ought to be the Vikings’ starting quarterback. 
  10. I believe that the secret to a successful future is education.
  11. I believe it’s important to cherish children because they are our future.
  12. I believe a question can never be considered stupid.
  13. I believe there should be more done by schools to promote diversity.
  14. While I believe homework is necessary, I also think it shouldn’t be too much.
  15. I believe the best medicine is laughter.
  16. I believe each day we should set aside some time for introspection.
  17. I believe that the most important thing that matters every day is love.
  18. I believe that each of us can change.
  19. I believe that there is always time to learn and develop.
  20. I believe it’s okay for friends to drift apart.


All of these 20 I Believe essay topics will help you come up with strong, original ideas for your own beliefs and turn them into an effective essay. Make sure to concentrate on the opinions that are of the greatest significance to you and that you are enthusiastic about discussing when writing your I Believe essay. Don’t be nervous to share your private thoughts and experiences; I believe that the best essays are those that are introspective and personal.

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