Top Healthcare Providers in The USA

For the past few years questions of Top Healthcare Providers in The USA   have been order of the day .  We are give you the full list of healthcare providers in America .  It has do with their revenues and some of their resources .

These listed out company have done great by getting a good merger and also getting acquisition targets in all pharmaceutical and biotech sectors in their company .

Better know that all these great healthcare companies have done great in also providing quality health care services to people .  Some of them are private owned and government owned company.

This top healthcare providers in the USA are not small in all ramification including their revenues .

Another thing to know is that all these healthcare companies here are in Fortune’s top 50 list .  It shows us  reveal of total control of healthcare work in the USA economy.

Top Healthcare Providers in The USA

Here is the full list of top healthcare providers in the USA including 2017 , 2018 , 2019 , and past years as well .

1. CVS Health  with revenue of ($139.4 billion)

This is the first on our list . They have done great in leading prescription drug retailer works and some other health care services .  Its seen as the second-largest pharmacy benefits manager . The company is growing  in way to become a well known  integrated provider of health  care services in the world.

2. McKesson  with revenue of ($138 billion)

Mckesson is another healthcare in USA that is big and large in terms of helping and expanding for health care services .  It is  largest pharmaceutical distributor in the whole of USA . They have did well for the past years in sharing and distributing health care services to some other small or local companies .

3. UnitedHealth Group with revenue of ($130.5 billion)

Please do yourself good to know that Unitedhealth group is a good recommended healthcare company that has great and mighty revenue .  They are known for giving some of their workers or patience free health care services .

4. AmerisourceBergen with amazing revenue of ($119.6 billion)

As the name sound  that is the way its . Amerisource is really source of healthcare service in the whole of America .  Today , they are known for distributing and sharing health care services to people .  Some other local or small health care company depends and rely on them .

5. Express Scripts Holdings with a revenue of ($100.9 billion)

This is the one on our list .  Its still seen as the greatest by many people .  Having a record of huge amount of revenue they are good . All their income comes from services offered to people and some other big and small health care company in America .

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