How Many Scholarships Should I Apply For?

Thinking about the number of scholarships you would want to apply for is one of the crucial aspects of your future academic planning. There are many scholarships flying around the web every day, but it’s important to figure out a balance between the quantity and quality of applications rather than merely submitting as many as possible. This comprehensive article will guide you through rigorous decision-making.

  1. Consider Your Academic Needs And Future Goals

Before applying for a scholarship, first of all, brainstorm what you need academically, and your aspiration towards life accomplishments. What are your academic goals? Do you want to pursue an MBA, Bachelors, Masters, or PhD degree? This will guide you on the type of scholarship to hunt.

Also, what field of study do you want to pursue? Is it Health Sciences, Social Science, Business, Art and Humanities, or Engineering? This will greatly determine the number of scholarships to apply. For example, if you are into health sciences, applying for two or three scholarships is not guaranteed because of the competitive nature of the field. You will need to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

2. Consider Your Financial Situation

One of the major reasons for applying for scholarships is financial assistance. What is the status of your finances? If you are considering abroad, can you cover flight tickets, accommodation, and living expenses in a new country? If you have saved some money, calculate the cost of your tuition, books, housing, and other expenses before putting on an application.

A sensible scenario here is that if you have some funds available, you may explore partial scholarships. However, an individual with little or zero funds at hand should consider fully funded scholarships. In all, an applicant who wishes to apply for partial scholarships may not need to send many applications, three applications are good as they are less competitive. Notwithstanding, an individual who wishes to apply for a fully funded offer should be ready to send many applications, usually from five and above because they are very competitive.

3. Explore Scholarship Types

There are several scholarships including Meirt-based, Need-based, Christian scholarship, Government scholarship, and many others. These scholarships have individual requirements; some may require you to write a personal statement, provide a recommendation letter, and an academic transcript, and talk about your extracurricular activities. The individual requirements of scholarships will determine the number of scholarships you can apply for. For example, an applicant with a bad record of academic grades cannot secure a Merit-based scholarship. But, if one can get a recommendation letter from a previous tutor, and draft a compelling personal essay, they may secure some government scholarships, as these are the basic requirements toward securing them. When you explore the types of scholarships we have and understand their basic requirements, you will know the one you are eligible which determines the number of them you can apply.


The number of scholarships you should apply for is a personal decision. It’s more about finding an opportunity that suits your needs, aligns with your goals, and maximizes your chances of success. Keep your attention on quality applications that align with your profile, considering the time and effort needed. Continue looking for opportunities, maintain organization, and work hard to get the funding you require for your education.

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