How To Apply For Ou Masters Programs

Everyone wonders what comes next after college, especially our recent graduates who still don’t know where they fit in. Obtaining a master’s degree comes next after completing your undergraduate studies. Choose from over 260 different master’s degrees and certificates at OU to find a fit that works for your schedule, needs, and objectives.

As a premier public university that caters to today’s students, OU is committed to using rigorous study and research to have an impact on society. They provide cutting-edge facilities, a wealth of research prospects, and academic programs that are transformative. The Graduate School is dedicated to supporting you and ensuring that your graduate program progresses well.

The career chain advisers are here to help with inquiries, offer advice on choosing a program, or assist with the application process. They provide assistance via email, phone, in-person, and online appointment (Zoom) support. Regardless of where they are from, the students in our graduate programs interact with vibrant faculty members who are committed to research, mentoring, and elevating the caliber of their disciplines. 

They possess the necessary skills to assist you in converting your passion into a potent combination of abilities and knowledge that will enable you to achieve and realize your goals. You’ll value our exceptional educational program, which will enable you to stay up to date with the rapidly evolving future economy.

Read up on the prerequisites for admission.

Consult the SGS Calendar to confirm the admission requirements for your program. Check the website of your graduate program to verify the requirements and dates for applications. Here are a few prerequisites to think about: requirements for degrees and courses, minimum GPA, dates for applications, and supervision confirmation

Send in an online application

Examine each of the program’s admission requirements in detail. Allow ample time to send in your application along with all necessary supporting materials prior to the deadline. Students must have a bachelor’s degree from a college or university that has received regional accreditation in order to apply to OU Online programs. The admissions committee receives applications on a rolling basis and reviews each one separately.

Send in your transcripts

Direct submission of electronic transcripts to is preferred by the Office of Graduate Admissions. Should your undergraduate institution not offer electronic transcripts, kindly request that they be mailed to the graduate office of the university. 

Give a current resume.

Provide records of your work experience as well. Both a CV and an updated resume are appropriate formats. Aspiring minds looking to make significant contributions to their fields can find a nurturing environment in OU’s Master’s programs, thanks to your resume.

Compose your personal statement

Write a 300–500 word statement outlining your professional objectives and how the degree program you have chosen will help you achieve them. Along with discussing educational background, including any discrepancies in undergraduate GPA, the statement should also discuss significant life events that influenced the decision to apply. 

Demonstrate your English proficiency

International students need to prove they can speak and understand English. You can find out from your enrollment services coach if you must finish this part of the application process.


Applying to a Master’s program at OU offers the chance to become fully immersed in a boosting intellectual atmosphere that is fueled by a strong tradition of educational rigor, research excellence, and scholarly advancement.

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