How To Apply For Michigan Competitive Scholarship

Every student performs at their best when they compete. Every student is put through a rigorous testing process for competitive scholarships in Michigan. Registering for the Michigan Competitive Scholarship represents a commitment to academic achievement, community service, and a better, more informed future in addition to a need for financial aid. 

Aspiring scholars setting out on this journey stand a chance to join a community that values and promotes education’s transformative power in addition to receiving financial support. Undergraduate students at authorized postsecondary institutions in Michigan who are pursuing their first degree are eligible to apply for the Michigan Competitive Scholarship. 

Students must exhibit both merit and financial need. Before starting college, qualified candidates must obtain a qualifying SAT score of at least 1200. This scholarship is evidence of the value of knowledge, perseverance, and a commitment to learning.

It supports the idea that education should not be limited by one’s ability to pay. Undergraduate students seeking their first degree are eligible for the Michigan Competitive Scholarship, which is awarded on the basis of both merit and financial need.


  • By the time they graduate from high school, students must give MI Student Aid their Social Security number.
  • Before starting college, obtain a qualifying SAT score of at least 1200.
  • Hold a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification.
  • Make your financial need clear
  • Enroll for atleast part time course in college.
  • Be a resident of Michigan as of July 1st of the preceding year. The parent of a dependent student must also reside in Michigan. 
  • Hold U.S. citizenship

Program Constraints

At participating institutions, awards are limited to tuition and mandatory fees, with a maximum payout of $1,500 per academic year. The college financial aid office is in charge of arranging for any and all forms of financial assistance for which a student might qualify. This award may be reduced or terminated by other gift aid. Admission to the program expires when a student

  • possesses a bachelor’s degree or has used up all of their check counts—a technique for tracking MCS usage
  • There will be a starting pool of 60 check counts for each student, which is equal to ten full-time semesters or terms.
  • has over ten years or more since graduating from high school.
  • All awards, both present and future, are contingent upon approved and available funding.

Methods of Application 

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted by applicants. Students will be given preference consideration if their FAFSA is submitted by March 1. Students can list more than one college when submitting the FAFSA. The award is based on the first college listed because Student Scholarships and Grants (SSG) is unsure which college the student will choose. 

Annual FAFSA renewals are required in order to assess the possibility of continuing program eligibility.  Any changes to the student’s address or college preference must be reported to SSG by phone at 888-447-2687 or through the MiSSG Student Portal at  

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