How To Apply For Meta Elevate Scholarship

Are you aware of the Meta Elevate Scholarship program? If not, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Black learners will benefit from the $100,000 professional certification scholarships offered by the knowledge-based Meta Elevate Scholarship. The Meta Elevate Scholarship creates opportunities for a future in which ambition and innovation coexist. 

To inspire a new breed of innovators and trailblazers, Meta, a company dedicated to pushing the limits of innovation and internet access, presents a scholarship that goes beyond traditional learning. You can acquire the necessary skills for expanding an online business or securely managing a community by earning a certification in software engineering, community management, or meta-digital marketing.

It enables you to get a free exam certification and be recognized for your abilities in the industry. This scholarship helps you expand your business in addition to advancing your career. Additionally, it improves productivity, credibility, and skill sets within the industry.  Indeed, according to 79% of employers, certified workers produced higher-quality work.

The Meta Elevate Scholarship creates opportunities for a future in which ambition and innovation coexist. To motivate a fresh generation of pioneers and innovators, Meta, a business that is committed to expanding the boundaries of technological advancement and connectivity to the internet, offers a black scholarship that goes beyond the conventional classroom education and degree we are used to.

For aspirational individuals eager to explore the infinite possibilities of virtual connectivity, capitalize on the power of innovations, and reshape our digital world, the Meta Elevate Scholarship serves as a beacon. 

This fellowship is more than just a cash award; it’s an invitation to pursue one’s dreams and an opportunity to enter a globe where exploration leads to discovery and unexplored areas of the metaverse serve as blank canvases for creativity.

To be eligible

To be eligible for this scholarship, candidates must be American citizens, identify as black, and achieve a score of at least 80% on the practice exam. There are thirty multiple-choice questions on practice exams, which can be finished at the student’s own pace. 

Practice exams have no time limit; most test takers finish them in 40 minutes on average. Students who receive a score of 80% or above will be sent a scholarship. The practice exam will be given to eligible recipients, who can retake it as many times as necessary, and they will have 90 days to finish it and pass it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Meta Elevate free?

Through free marketing education, mentoring, and support, Meta Elevate Business Hub seeks to increase the economic success of Black, Latinx, and Hispanic individuals.

Why do you want a Meta Elevate scholarship?

To advance their academic and professional careers, Meta Elevate Scholarship recipients will have the chance to network with business executives, take part in exclusive events, and access mentorship programs.

Does Meta give scholarships?

The META Foundation has given Latinx scholars college scholarships totaling more than $450,000 since 2000. In addition, META offers summer educational workshops and mentors at colleges and universities for its scholars.

Is US citizenship a requirement for eligibility?

Although you do not have to be a citizen, you must be present in the United States.

Do I need to be enrolled as a student at an academic institution to be eligible?

No, all Black students are eligible for this scholarship.

How many scholarships will be awarded through the Facebook Elevate program?

As previously announced, our objective is to award 100,000 scholarships for three years starting in June 2020.

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