How To Apply For Andrew Ryback Photography And The Plaid Horse Higher Learning Scholarship

Are you a photography-loving student? My love for photography as a young girl is evident in the fact that I would gladly enjoy living my life through the lens of a camera. The work of Andrew Ryback Photography is a monument to the power of imagery; with every click, a story, an emotion, and the unsaid bonds between participants and their surroundings are captured.

In 2024, the Plaid Horse Higher Learning Scholarship and Andrew Ryback Photography will be back. The scholarship has given more than $15,000 to students looking for advanced studies in previous years. Andrew’s dedication to the equestrian world and visual storytelling transcends the screen and into the educational sphere with the Plaid Horse Higher Learning Scholarship.

The scholarship is available to all fresh university and vocational school students, as well as high school seniors who will graduate in 2024. This is an occasion to honor our mutual commitment to the art of photography and the horseback riding lifestyle. It is a lighthouse for aspirational minds ready to embrace learning, broaden their perspectives, and make a bigger difference in these interconnected worlds.  

Andrew’s devotion to the photographic craft is a reflection of the love and commitment felt in the equestrian world, where grace, power, and beauty coexist. His goal is to inspire and empower the upcoming generation of horse lovers and visual storytellers. It’s an ode to the love of learning and the appreciation of creativity, encouraging gifted people to realize their full potential and follow their passions via the medium of photography.

How to Apply

The standard application process is via the website, where you must fill out the form below and send the following attachments to in one email:

  • Three-part essay (parts A, B, and C should be completed)

Part A: The importance of a horse show photographer stems from…

Part B: What lessons about success and failure have you learned from being an equestrian?

Part C: Could you kindly share with us the name and reason for an equestrian industry inspiration?

  • A headshot.
  • Two recommendation letters.
  • Transcripts from high school or college, whether official or unofficial.
  • An acceptance letter from a university or college.


Andrew offers you a journey through photography that goes beyond academic study and becomes a fully-fledged experience where learning, creativity, and the spirit of horseback riding come together. With the help of Andrew Ryback Photography and the Plaid Horse Higher Learning Scholarship, you should seize the chance to not only record memories but also leave enduring legacies.

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