Waldorf University Creative Writing Scholarship

Are you an imaginative writer? Do you use your writing to make dreams come true? If so, you should apply for the creative writing scholarship at Waldorf University. Waldorf University’s English department offers renewable scholarships (up to $15,000) to students who wish to study creative writing in recognition of gifted writers, aspiring scholars, and voracious readers. 

Members of the National Society of High School Students who provide a piece of writing in either poetry, fiction, or both categories are eligible to apply for the Creative Writing Scholarship. Every assignment has to be original for the student. Students in high school who want to apply for a certification or degree are encouraged to do so. 

A world where storytelling soars and imagination knows no limits is made possible by creative writing scholarships. This prestigious scholarship aims to empower and identify aspiring authors. a fierce love of language, creativity, and narrative art. At Waldorf, they value the development of literary talent and the fanning of creative sparks. 

Their goal in offering this scholarship is to encourage and honor those outstanding voices who have the potential to completely change the literary world. With the help of the Waldorf University Creative Writing Scholarship, your stories will find a home, and your imagination will be given the freedom to soar. 

Since no one is a born writer, it is now possible to take writing flaws and turn them into amazing works of art. At Waldorf University, you must want to major in or minor in creative writing. For initial consideration, applications will be acknowledged by January 16, 2024. Strong applications will still be accepted until all scholarships have been given out. 

Applications are judged by the English department faculty and staff. Their selection process is based on your potential for future growth as a creative writer and your craftsmanship, not on your past academic performance.


  • A member of the High School Scholars National Society
  • Living in the United States as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior in high school
  • Seeking a bachelor’s, associate’s, or professional certification
  • Activities include writing, poetry, leadership, fiction, extracurricular activities, and community service.
  • The student’s original poetry and short fiction pieces must be submitted.
  • Demonstrated academic success

Method of Application 

  • Fill out the application on the official webpage of Waldorf University.
  • A 200-word response outlining the significance of writing in your life
  • Five poems or ten pages of creative nonfiction or fiction-typed document. Kindly ensure that the header contains your name, the piece’s title, and page numbers.
  • Students who minor or major in creative writing at Waldorf University and maintain a 3.0 GPA are eligible to keep the scholarship. 


Your creative potential is unlocked by writing a scholarship. You can use this scholarship to pursue careers as a journalist, screenwriter, novelist, or poet. At Waldorf University, they adore developing the imaginative minds of the future. Their Creative Writing Scholarship enables people to pursue writing as a major or minor. They award deserving applicants generous scholarships up to $15,000 because they think that words have great power. Best part? For the duration of your four years of study, scholarships are renewable.

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