Top Worst Or Useless Courses To Study In Nigeria

The courses taken can have a big influence on a person’s future opportunities and career prospects. The selection of a University programĀ or course of study is a crucial choice that frequently impacts a person’s career path in Nigeria. Even though there are many valuable courses offered, some may not present a good career path or may become out of date as a result of industry demands, technological advancements, or changes in the job market. In Nigeria, these courses are regarded as the worst or useless.

Useless courses are those courses that are not marketable or lucrative. In Nigeria, there are fewer job and career opportunities for these courses. They are unable to assist or serve society. Below is a detailed summary of some of the courses that could be ranked as the worst or least beneficial to study in Nigeria depending on the circumstances or a variety of other factors;

1. Zoology

2. Crop Science

3. Sociology and Anthropology

4. General Art

5. Horticulture

6. Home Economics

7. Geography

8. Archaeology

9. Library and Information Science

10. Animal Science

11. Botany

12. Fisheries

13. Political Science

14. Fisheries

15. French

16. Music

17. History

18. Anatomy

19. Human Physiology

20. Biochemistry

An individual should note that no single course in the globe is worthless. All courses are paramount. But as the world develops, most courses become obsolete. In the case of this blog, our opinion is centered on Nigeria. Studying the following courses in Nigeria could be limited to the following problems;

1. You might still feel insecure about yourself after graduation, and finding employment could be difficult.

2. Taking the course could have been a waste of time and money.

3. It can be challenging to enter the workforce after completing your college education.

4. It may not be possible for you to work in your field.


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