10 Highest Paying Entry Level Tech Jobs In The World


Everyone wants to work in a field that pays well, but it can be challenging to get a tech job without any experience. But there are plenty of well-paying entry-level tech jobs available even outside of Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Technical jobs are widely available at entry level, ranging from software engineering to technical support. 

“Entry-level” tech jobs frequently conjure up images of underemployed and overworked workers “paying their dues” to accumulate experience, which will eventually help them advance in their careers and secure higher-paying positions. 

Because they pay so much, entry-level positions may even appear to be the opposite of tech positions, which most people believe require a bachelor’s degree in computer science. It’s true that the tech industry has enormous growth potential and that tech jobs pay well, but this does not imply that you must have a long resume or a ton of education to get started.

Entry-level jobs can be a great step up from internships for someone who has just graduated from college, but they can also feel like a huge step backward for someone who wants to change careers. That’s not always the tech case. Regarding pay, perks, work-life balance, and other factors, even an entry-level tech position can represent a significant advancement.

Even those entry-level tech positions that don’t require experience often start out paying well. Additionally, although entry-level tech positions frequently call for some knowledge of coding, they’re also excellent places to obtain the necessary tech experience.


Software Developer

Pay: $ 59,000 per year

Under the supervision of more seasoned developers, entry-level software developers help with the coding, testing, and debugging of software applications. Usually, they work on projects to hone their skills in development methodologies and programming languages.

Technical Support Specialist

Pay: $ 52,000 per year

Technical support positions entail helping users with network, hardware, or software problems; troubleshooting issues; and offering advice over the phone, email, or chat. It serves as a starting point for learning about IT systems and customer service.

Entry-Level Data Analyst

Pay: $ 49,000 per year

To provide insights, data analysts gather, process, and analyze data. These are the core duties of a data analyst. They help with basic statistical analysis, report creation, and visualization. This is a role that calls for knowledge of analytics tools and databases.

Web Designer

Pay: $ 60,000 per year

Junior web designers often serve as apprentices or assistants to more seasoned designers on a team, much like junior web developers do. This could entail creating resources for different projects or presentations, designing smaller websites, or even assisting with the formatting of weekly newsletters. In addition to using tools like Photoshop, web designers also work with HTML and CSS.

Digital Marketing Analyst

Pay: $ 49,000 per year

Digital marketing analysts are in charge of a company’s or brand’s social media and digital marketing. Their primary goals are to boost client loyalty, brand recognition, and sales. They frequently oversee every aspect of the business’s internet presence that interacts with customers, such as social media accounts, websites, advertisements, and other communications.

Digital Strategist

Pay: $ 52,000 per year

Digital strategists work in teams to develop a brand’s long-term objectives and strategy. This also contains suggestions for the particular techniques employed to carry out that plan. For someone who is creative and enjoys working with others, this is a great position. They frequently collaborate closely with the product, sales, and marketing teams.

Content Marketing Analyst

Pay: $ 50,000 per year

Writing blog entries, newsletters, white papers, and occasionally social media posts that complement the business plan are among the tasks performed by content marketing analysts for brands. Additionally, they market that content, frequently working with other members of the marketing team.

Digital Project Intern

Pay: $ 69,000 per year

Type A organizers who oversee web development or other tech-related teams are known as project interns, they do so under the supervision of a manager. If you end up working at a digital agency or web design firm, that may involve interacting with clients, but it also entails daily coordination between web designers, web developers, and other participants. 

Social Media Intern

Pay: $ 57,000 per year

As content marketing has grown in popularity, social media management is now considered a “tech job.” Anyone seeking a career in digital marketing broadly should start with social media roles. You must be at ease gathering information and reports, setting up social media calendars, and observing trends to identify growth strategies if you want to be a successful social media intern. 

Web Editor

Pay: $ 79,000 per year

A job as a web editor might be ideal for you if you have a strong love for writing and editing and some technological know-how. Consider this to be among the top tech jobs for non-techies at the entry-level. A lot of websites release content every day, whether it be in the form of fresh product pages or blog entries. The tasks of uploading, formatting, and visitor optimization fall to a web editor. Occasionally, the web editor works alongside the editorial team, contributing to article revisions to ensure improved formatting for readers of digital media.

Final thoughts

These entry-level jobs provide chances for professional development, career advancement, and the ability to obtain real-world experience in the tech sector. They frequently act as stepping stones for people who want to develop their careers in different tech fields by accumulating practical experience and a strong skill set. Remember that you won’t always need to return to school to pursue one of them if it sounds like a field you’d like to move into.

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