Which Tech Skills Are Most In Demand In Nigeria?

The standard of success in the contemporary, fast-paced internet landscape is tech skills. Keeping up with the latest skills is crucial for both professional and personal growth, regardless of experience level in the tech industry. The tech sector is developing quickly. 

The global information technology market is expected to grow at an exponential rate, with companies estimating that it will reach $7.2 trillion in 2024. Tech firms, and indeed, all businesses operating in the digital economy, are beginning to understand how important it is for staff members to have digital skills. 

More than ever, it is critical that new hires possess both hard and soft skills, in addition to cross-disciplinary knowledge.  Recruiters will be searching for a wider skill set, regardless of the exact position you are interviewing for. 

Amidst this dynamic ecosystem, specific technological proficiencies have surfaced as the catalyst for the country’s technological transformation, molding sectors, promoting creativity, and propelling financial expansion.

Imagine a Nigerian business environment that is revolutionized by tech enthusiasts using coding, data analytics, cybersecurity, and digital marketing. The country’s burgeoning innovation hubs and Lagos’s thriving tech hubs have led to a surge in demand for specialized tech skills that are in line with Nigeria’s evolving digital transformation requirements.

Seeking these highly sought-after tech skills isn’t just about being employable in the digital age; it’s also about driving innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship, and developing a workforce prepared to take on global challenges.

The demands of its developing tech ecosystem have led to the prominence of certain tech skills. The demand for these skills is constantly rising, whether it is for proficiency in programming languages like Python, JavaScript, or Java; data research and analysis using tools like SQL or Tableau; or cybersecurity know-how to protect digital assets.

Furthermore, technical expertise isn’t the only aspect of Nigeria’s tech scene. Soft skills like problem-solving, flexibility, creativity, and teamwork are just as important for navigating this ever-changing landscape, fostering innovation, and advancing environmentally friendly technology solutions.

Come along for an analysis of the core of Nigeria’s tech revolution as we explore the most in-demand tech skills that are transforming industries, accelerating startups, and advancing the country’s digital transformation. 

Digital Product Management

Digital product management is another ability that is not specific to software development but is still very valuable. In particular, software services require the implementation of a lifecycle management strategy. The tech industry will require product management to be even more crucial as software as a service (SaaS) grows.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will be how tech companies advertise their goods and services. Here, it will be crucial to comprehend how to maximize value for money across the widest possible range of networks. Skills such as these are in demand for digital marketers:

Digital Project Management

While project management is not a skill that tech companies only value, it is essential to the timely and economical development of digital goods and services. Any CV will benefit from an understanding of various methodologies, such as SCRUM and AGILE. Digital project managers must comprehend the entire process of developing digital projects, from conception to prototype to finished digital goods or services.

User Interface

One thing unites websites, applications, and digital services: user interfaces. Most tech companies are looking for a designer with experience in creating dynamic, effective user experiences. Complex data can also be visualized by designers to assist management in making critical business decisions. 

DevOps and Automation

Software development and IT operations are combined in a set of procedures called DevOps. Automation is a tool that DevOps teams use to optimize software development and deployment processes. This helps organizations release new features and products more quickly and effectively. To assist businesses in automating their IT processes, automation engineers are in high demand. Automation engineers create and execute automation scripts using their expertise. 

User Experience 

Designing user-friendly and pleasurable products and services is known as user experience (UX) design. To create goods and services that satisfy users’ needs, UX designers employ their expertise to investigate and comprehend those needs. UX designers are in high demand to assist businesses in developing goods and services that consumers adore. 

Web and App Development

Coding is the foundation of any digital service or tech product. The majority of programming, web, and app development roles require proficiency in the following core languages: Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, Code Igniter, PHP/JavaScript, and MySQL. These abilities are frequently included in the top 10 most sought-after skills by employers on LinkedIn. 

Digital Business Analysis

By utilizing a variety of tried-and-true analysis techniques to present a compelling business case for investing in a digital solution, digital business analysis assists organizations in making informed decisions.  Since digital transformation is essential to every organization operating in the digital economy, having expertise in digital business analysis has become highly sought-after for resumes.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The two fastest-growing technological fields are machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Intelligent systems that can learn and adapt without explicit programming are created using AI and ML. To assist businesses in creating AI and ML solutions for a range of applications, including fraud detection, medical diagnosis, and product recommendation, AI and ML engineers are in high demand.

Video Production

The king of the digital world is video content. It is highly desirable to have proficiency in video production, including motion graphics, video editing, and storytelling. These abilities can lead to opportunities across a range of industries, as businesses increasingly rely on video for marketing and communication.


Gaining in-demand tech knowledge and skills is necessary to stay relevant. Anyone hoping to succeed in the tech industry before 2025 will find a strong foundation with these ten in-demand tech skills. This can lead to exciting possibilities and job security in a highly competitive labor market. The growing importance of technology in business means that these skills will always be in high demand.

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