How Much Do Tech Companies Pay In Nigeria?

One of the sectors in the world that is expanding the fastest right now is the tech sector. Our lives have been dominated by the Internet in almost every way. Nowadays, businesses are aiming for an infrastructure that is more digital and networked. Consequently, landing a tech job has turned into the new big thing. 

A lot of young and experienced professionals are searching for ways to get into their ideal tech position. A complex network of roles involving software creation, data science, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and other areas is at the core of the tech industry. 

A wide range of career paths and specializations are available to meet the growing demand for qualified tech workers, which is evident in the thriving Silicon Valley and emerging tech hubs across the globe. Tech jobs are not just about careers; they are about a way of life, a dedication to lifelong learning, problem-solving, and excellence. 

There are several reasons why tech jobs are so appealing. High pay, room for advancement, and a beneficial effect on the economy are a few of the causes. These benefits make them desirable career choices for people with the necessary training and experience. Nigeria’s technology industry has been expanding quickly in recent years in terms of obtaining unicorn status, scaling internationally, and attracting investment.

Nigerian startups received $967.2 million, or 27.4%, of all. Come along as we explore this fascinating world in greater detail. 

Web Developer

The need for web-based solutions will only increase as the internet helps to advance the digital environment. At the vanguard of this revolution are web developers. They are the professionals in charge of creating websites and web applications. Using the newest web technologies, they create solutions that are both reliable and easy to use. On average, they make NGN 3,960,000 annually. 

Big Data Engineer

Big Data engineers are experts in managing information; to put it another way, they are motivated by data. For use in a variety of industries, they develop, test, and construct intricate data processing systems. They organize, classify, and analyze data in databases in addition to managing them. They use these data to formulate practical recommendations. Each year, they earn NGN 3,000,000.

Cybersecurity Engineer

High connectivity has inherent risks of its own. Internet information is equally accessible to malicious actors as it is to everyone else. To guarantee that unauthorized users cannot access networks or databases, it is crucial to take proactive security measures. Cybersecurity engineers help businesses ensure the security of their networks. Their average salary is NGN 3,400,000 per year.

Software Engineer

Software engineering could be considered the archetypal “tech job.”. They are experts who create software for a range of uses. To complete their tasks, they must make use of the newest tools and current best practices. They assist in creating software that is tailored to the requirements of each company. Their average salary is NGN 4,872,672 per year. 

Full-Stack Developer

Another globally recognized tech position, and for good reason. If not all of them, full-stack developers wear many hats. The term “stack” describes the various technologies and parts that make up a given project. Being full-stack practically translates to being able to do everything by yourself, making you a one-person team. On average, they earn at least NGN 5,280,000 annually.

IT Project Manager

Project managers with expertise in information technology are experts at overseeing projects from inception to completion. They manage a team of individuals to complete particular tasks to complete the project on schedule. They create, refine, and maximize proposals that would accomplish project objectives while staying within budget. Their salary is NGN 7,500,000.

Digital Marketing Manager

The move to digital content necessitates significant adjustments, particularly in marketing. To adapt to the changing environment, new tactics and best practices are being developed. Digital marketing managers oversee a group of less experienced marketers who manage campaigns by applying sound marketing principles.  Their yearly income is NGN 4,280,000 on average.

Software Architect

Developing software solutions is similar to developing actual buildings. The foundation of software development is careful, deliberate planning. Software architecture concentrates on the larger picture as opposed to software design, which is more concerned with the details. Software architects create the general framework of the software system as well as the relationships between its various components. Their salary is NGN 4,830,000 on average.

Business Systems Analyst

Efficiency in business operations is crucial. In the long run, the organization gains from streamlining tasks, removing bottlenecks, and simplifying procedures to optimize business processes. Specialists in this field are called business systems analysts. An average annual salary for a Business Systems Analysis job in Nigeria is NGN 4,000,000, making it one of the highest-paying tech jobs available.

Machine Learning Architect

The need for skilled machine learning architects will only grow as AI becomes more widely used. It is the responsibility of a machine learning architect to apply best practices for AI development to real-world scenarios. Together with outlining the project’s constraints and difficulties, they collaborate with clients to define its scope. They could make 3,700,000 NGN. 


Currently, one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing industries is technology. The public can find many jobs as new tech companies and industries arise. You too can get the job of your dreams if you have the necessary perseverance, readiness, and careful planning. Employment is the process of being hired by a reorganized company. After that, you receive the prearranged regular monthly salary along with additional benefits. Depending on the type of work, employers can be businesses or people. 

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