Ordinal NFTs: Minting & Use Cases

Ordinal NFTs

Ordinal NFT: Minting & Use Cases– Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have gained popularity in the digital sphere as a brand-new method for producers and collectors to trade distinctive and priceless digital goods. Recent years have seen the emergence of a brand-new category of NFTs called “Ordinal NFTs” or “Numeric NFTs,” which designates a particular arrangement or … Read more

Crypto Exchanges May Not Be Qualified Custodians

Crypto exchanges

Crypto Exchanges May Not Be Qualified Custodians– On March 2, 2023, Gary Gensler spoke about qualified custodians and cryptocurrency exchanges in front of the Senate Banking Committee. Gensler addressed a number of topics pertaining to the regulation of cryptocurrencies and digital assets throughout the hearing. The custody of digital assets was one of the main … Read more