What is Swapping in crypto?

What is Swapping in Crypto?

Swapping is a very simple and very dangerous thing because you make a small mistake and you lose hair by not reversing it or canceling it if it is already gone. So this is very important one understands the process of swapping. There is swapping around buying and selling at different coin markets. It is one of the tests that one should do on a coin whether it has liquidity and then with some swapping or trading pairs he uses for example (BTC, eth, USDT, BUSD, BNB, WBNB, etc.). And the token that the person wants to make is either a copy of his contract address from their website or a copy of a coin gecko. One should also pay close attention to the differences between the token network BSc or eth, a TRX, etc. In Nigeria, the number of interactions with BSc is because of its simplicity😊.

Not all projects come with multiple addresses. Some eths are usually the first ones you have to keep following up until they come up with the BSc you bought otherwise you don’t let it be listed on the exchanger it is pairing and USDT/USD. If you find the address of the scammers then you have to complain yourself. I’m starting a website. Here I am joining the telegram group and Twitter and others because of the speed of attack by scammers.

Then there is the issue of depositing and withdrawing. This is an example of how we transfer money from one account to another. There are several networks and it must be the same as for deposit and withdrawal. Bep20 and Bep20, Bep2 and Bep2, Eth and Eth, Trc, and Trc, etc. If a person makes a mistake he will lose it. You can send Bep20 by selecting bep2 then there is the same wallet address in bep2 only the difference is network. It’s like a person sending money to an access bank. You have an account. The same account number in the first bank is just the name of the bank and the names of the account holders are different. interest.

So be careful. God bless you 🙏

Slippage tolerance: This means the maximum percentage of price movement. That is the amount that the coin can take at that time. This is very useful in crypto because if one does not set it up the system will reject the transaction and it will show you an error.

Slippage tolerance can make it difficult for a person to swap as long as one does not set it up

And slippage has an effect on DEX that decentralizes exchanges like pancake swap, Uniswap, Sushi swap, etc.

Serve an important one at CEX. Such as Binance, gate.io, coins, etc.

How is it set up?

The slippage is set before swapping for two coins

Who to buy and who to give

Here’s how to change your slippage here

And slippage is available on the coin website or in their community like a telegram.

Here you can select 0.1%, 0.3%, or 1% directly

Slippage is one of them

While passed away so man wrote on his own

This is where I circled

Here I write 10%

Here again 20%

So it depends on which slippage din coin din

This is the settings sign that one will enter if he wants to change the slippage.

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