Justin Magnuson Scholarship Application Guide

The Justin Magnuson STEM Scholarship was established by Justin Magnuson, who exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to positive change. This scholarship highlights Justin’s dedication to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education and innovation, as well as his belief in enabling the upcoming generation of change-makers in these fields.

The $1,000 Justin Magnuson Justice Reform Foundation Scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate students attending universities in the United States. Justin Magnuson, the man behind the Justice Reform Foundation, a non-profit devoted to changing the criminal justice system in the United States, founded it. 

Justin’s dedication to tackling the inequalities in the criminal justice system is reflected in this scholarship; this dedication was formed by his personal experience of being falsely accused. The inspiring force beneath the scholarship is Justin Magnuson, a social activist and businessman residing in Texas. 

The Justin Magnuson STEM Scholarship is an extension of Justin’s dedication to learning and the search for knowledge. Seeing how important STEM subjects are to forming our future, the scholarship seeks to remove financial obstacles and give worthy students the chance to pursue higher education in these areas.

Students who have demonstrated extraordinary talent and guarantee in STEM fields are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Academic achievement, dedication to the field, and an explanation of how the scholarship will help the applicant reach their professional objectives are the main considerations in the selection process. 

The Justin Magnuson STEM Scholarship is an important program as the need for STEM-related careers grows worldwide. In addition to helping specific students, it also helps develop a workforce that is competent and equipped to face new challenges.

This scholarship means more to Justin than just money. It is a way to encourage students to explore the limitless opportunities in the STEM fields, as well as an investment in the future and a dedication to developing talent. 

Having achieved his success via perseverance, ingenuity, and an unwavering quest for knowledge, Justin Magnuson aspires to empower other ambitious people using the STEM scholarship. 


  • Students need to be enrolled full-time at a university or college with accreditation.
  • Students majoring in math, science, technology, engineering, and science only may apply.
  • Multiple entries will be disregarded; only one entry per student
  • Information that is false or misleading will immediately disqualify you without further notification.

Necessary Details

  • Both first and last names
  • Phone Number
  • Electronic Mail Address
  • Postal Address
  • ID for students
  • The educational institution’s name
  • Present GPA
  • Autobiography

Essay Question

Which problems do you think the criminal justice system in your nation is currently dealing with the most urgently, and what steps should be taken to resolve them? Essay submissions must be at least 600 words in length.

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