Onnsfa Scholarship Requirements And Application

Students who show financial need as indicated by the Financial Need Analysis (FNA) form that their attending school submits on their behalf are eligible for the ONNSFA Financial Need-Based Award Program. This group of students is defined as those who do not have enough family or personal resources to cover the cost of attending a college or university. 

The Navajo Nation recognizes six regional accrediting associations and admission to one of these associations is mandatory for all applicants to pursue post-secondary education. Individuals majoring in Teacher Education or similar fields are eligible to apply for the full-time and part-time ONNSFA scholarships. 

The ONNSFA’s objective is to provide financial aid to qualified applicants who can prove their “need,” as determined by their income. Award amounts differ based on the scholarship. 1972 saw the founding of the Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance (ONNSFA). 

In 2018, the scholarship, which was funded by federal, trust, corporate, and Navajo nation funds, provided nearly 6,000 students seeking a higher education degree or certificate with over $24 million in scholarship money and accommodation. 

At career fairs held throughout the Navajo Nation, agency personnel give presentations on ONNSFA policies and procedures as well as other funding sources at high schools, chapters, and other venues. The ONNSFA catalyzes the closing of the achievement gap between Navajo students and their academic goals, in addition to being a scholarship program.

The ONNSFA assists students with the application process. It has five agency offices across the United States, each staffed by a group of committed counselors and specialists. Additionally, they give presentations about ONNSFA policies, procedures, and other funding sources throughout the Navajo Nation at high schools, chapters, and career fairs.

Required Documents

For the next term, applicants need to turn in a completed application. Go to www.onnsfa.org to access the online application.

  • A formal Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) must be sent by mail or delivered in person to the agency office for new applicants. 
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended, GED results, and sealed, unopened high school transcripts must be mailed or personally delivered to an agency office.
  • A completed Financial Need Analysis form must be turned in to the financial aid office at the school by any student who intends to enroll full-time.
  • The applicant must have a letter of admission or re-admission from the school they plan to attend. 
  • A list of all the courses needed to finish the degree being pursued must be submitted by all college juniors, seniors, and graduate applicants.

Ways To Apply

  • Visit ONNSFA.org.  
  • Select “I wish to apply online!”
  • Select the application for full-time or part-time work.
  • Create an account and enter your preferred password and user name. 
  • Enter your login credentials and click “Check My Document Status.”

New candidates allow time for processing; wait one to two business days after submitting your application before creating a student account.

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