Bitcoin Legend Roadmap

Bitcoin Legend Roadmap

Bitcoin Legend Roadmap


Bitcoin Legend Roadmap: Bitcoin legend is not just a mining coin. This is the basic coin for the NFT platform business and metaverse game that contains the 3Earn strategy. Hero NFT cards are inspired by Marvel’s Avengers. It can’t be in real life, but anyone can become a hero in the metaverse game. You may be poor, powerless, and lonely in real life, but you can be the hero in the metaverse. BitcoinLegend will create a successful myth. To make this NFT platform and metaverse game successful, a large-scale big event in which many users can participate will be held in the next week. 

☑️ Renewal of halving according to the number of Users • The number of Users: 50M Users → 10M Users • Total Supply:21B BCL→11B BCL • Burning & Buyback:10,000,000,000 BCL Look at the white paper on BitocoinLegend 

☑️ Renewal of RoadMap 

● Accomplished milestones up to date (Phase 1 & Phase 2) 2020 – 2021(“Mine to Earn” Project) Build project development team, core team Develop of mobile app and distribute Bitcoin Legend Concept(Coin Advantage, Mining Method, Token Economy, Mining App & Wallet Design) Release Android mobile app Develop 44 countries’ expanded language pack Release iOS mobile app Update Token Economy(including Burning) make Listing Plan on major cryptocurrency exchanges 

● (Now) Phase 3[ January. 2022 ] Community Airdrop & Pre-sale started Official website launched √Developing KYC authentication process 

● Phase 4 [ February. 2022 ]∙ Community Airdrop complete ∙ Pre-sale completed∙ Hero NFT sample released ∙ User’s mining monitor and ping function developed ∙ BCL listed on LBank Cryptocurrency exchanges∙ 1st Burning & Buyback BCL tokens [ March. – April. 2022 ]∙ Staking funding system launched∙ Level Up Program launched ∙ KYC authentication completed [ May 2022 ]∙ iOS & Android crypto wallet activated∙ BCL coin Settled and Withdraw ∙ Develop Hero NFT card using the self-made studio in the “Make to Earn” Project∙ BCL listed on MXEC Cryptocurrency exchanges∙ 2nd Burning & Buyback.

● Phase 5[ Q3. 2022 ]∙ Hero NFT card launched ∙ Cryptocurrency wallet (saving NFT Card) launched∙ Conceptualize and develop NFT Platform (selling, buying and Auction NFT card and items) ∙ BCL listed on Major exchanges under CMC Lv.20∙ 3rd Burning.

● Phase 6[ Q4. 2022 ]∙ NFT platform launched in the “Make to Earn” Project ∙ Develop Metaverse Game using NFT cards∙ BCL listed on Major exchanges under CMC Lv.20∙ 4th Burning.

● Phase 7[ 2023 ]∙ Beta testified NFT Avatar Metaverse game in the ” Play to Earn” Project -. 1:1 and PVP Game (Avatar game) -. Rental and sale of virtual real estate∙ Avatar economic activity platform created by yourself ∙ BCL listed on Major exchanges under CMC Lv.10∙ 5th Burning 

☑️ White paper V2.0 If you want to see “Vision and Roadmap of Bitcoin Legend”, Search Youtube. If you have any questions, Use Official Telegram and Ambassadors. Official Channel BCL Core Team Mining app Download After registered used this code to give 50BCL Bonus, Reward recommended code 50 BCL code here z5e5cfkzfr

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