Saitama INU Fundamental Analysis

Saitama Inu

Saitama INU Fundamental Analysis

Saitama inu fundamental analysis for Saitama To understand the Saitama inu project one must first deny why it was created, and who created it. And with his roadmap, the project team’s goals were achieved by d ss.

The Saitama inu project was originally designed to educate small investors about the future of the crypto industry and to provide financial security for all. Although Cryptocurrency has been around for more than a decade, we are still in the early stages of the Cryptocurrency revolution, which is to distribute wealth and allow everyone to become rich.

In short, Deferral Token (Decentralized Finance) is the only non-capitalist crypto project that was created to educate the crypto industry and give everyone the same access. My friend, I have just started crypto and this is the only reason I have invested in Saitama inu. But let’s take a closer look at the project.

Most future investors in crypto are still not involved, if you are crypto now thank god you made sure you get things done early. That is why to ensure the growth of decentralized finance in a world that affects every type of token or coin, it is necessary not only to be able to overcome technical problems (NFT, METAVERSE, WEB 3.0) but only crypto people need to understand how money is circulating among people. So what is crypto and what is its purpose? The familiarity of many of our crypto people is that you invest a little bit and earn a lot. Well but is not so.

Looking at the word education and feature crypto. This is where SAITAMA comes in. They will be educating, empowering, and modernizing the crypto industry which is still very much in vogue. So that people will feel comfortable while investing in being knowledgeable. Saitama inu wants to open up an unprecedented opportunity in the world to create permanent wealth for the people of the world!

Although I have been reading the white paper for a long time, I have been searching for crypto knowledge in my life. And I don’t think until I finish crypto I will read a whitepaper that touched my heart like Saitama. Not as crypto. But as a student, I was fascinated by Saitama.

What is Saitama inu?

The Saitama inu token was created on 31st May 2021 on the Ethereum network. I do not know how to say it but Saitama inu was the first token created in his monetary system. For example, there is no problem with the rise or fall of any coin. It is also the first token in the world that comes with a loyal holders reward sharing system and the first major anti-whales system in the world which is still the only certain certified anti-whales system to work.

If you make a transaction and set 2% of the transaction you are burning, then there is an additional 2% share to all other holders. That is why in less than six months; more than 54% of the token was burned. From the beginning of November to today if you have a set point it gives you a profit to sell in its entirety, if it is bearish you look at it cheaper. So far you have got 77x what you put in.

There is a wallet project they have developed called Saitama which is designed to revolutionize the crypto business and solve some of the minor problems of decentralized finance. For example, there is a solution to the problem of swapping a coin or token so that you can swap all the coins you want and the coin you give cannot use Ethereum and BTC. Then there is the school in her wallet. Among the ecosystems of Saitama inu are SaitaMaker (NFTs), SaitaEdutainment, and SaitaMarket.

There are five stages in the Saitama inu Roadmap and we are currently in the third stage. There are twenty-three missions, of which, thankfully, are seventeen. Of these, eighty thousand holders were sought, but in the power of God, eighty thousand holders were not found. At the moment I am talking there are holders of set three hundred and thirty thousand in seven months.

This year the staking of Saitama inu By God’s will start, and then there will be a set market for trading NFT. Then in early 2023, they will create their revolutionary blockchain called Saita Chain and a new payment system that is unique in the crypto world of Saitama Payment.

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The Saitama Project belongs to the international community which is why the creators of the project did not give themselves the right to own it. These include:

There is Gabriel Gabmuro is a creative manager who has worked with major global companies such as Samsung, Coca-Cola, HBO, INTEL, and Ford.

He is a world-renowned Polymath scientist who has revolutionized the world many of whom include software engineering, programming, and Data Science. Then there is technology architecture.

There is the English businessman Manpreet who is well-known in the world. There are still 27 unnamed people in the world. Unsurprisingly some famous people want to change the world.


Shidai Saitama has not been singled out to share with his team. So everyone on the team if they need to can just deposit money and buy it at an early stage like everyone else.

Forty-five percent of it is now in the hands of the people and is being used. Trading and so on. Only 54% of cases are burning. 4% and liquidity reserved.

There is no capitalism at all in the saitama_inu project.

About the Token

Saitama_inu has a total supply Quadrillion of 100Quad. Fifty-four quadrillions were burned and forty-six quadrillions remain. From its release to date, it has + 63,000%. That is, if you pay him a hundred dollars, he will pay you six hundred and thirty times.

It has a 2.1 billion market cap. Saitama is a Defi coin. And he has three hundred thousand holders. It is always traded for $ 44 million, and can always have liquidity or lose liquidity of less than $ 750.62K. His BIDs are currently worth 267k dollars, but his ASKs, the buyers, are selling liquidity worth about $ 530k. Meaning that nowadays the number of sellers is much higher.


In this case, the setting is on when the buyer can invest if he looks and sees it. But to be sincere no token has a system in the world like Saitama inu in every coin I hold, and it has investors from all over the world who are very rich. Crypto experts from around the world have come to the conclusion that by the time Bitcoin came out it had an expert system like Saitama inu and now it had a market cap unthinkable. And long ago bitcoin took over global finance.

They are still fulfilling the precepts of the planners. Or they may even be able to achieve more than they ever thought possible. 10 unnamed people make up the world and are part of the Saitama inu team. Why, if you look at the whitepaper set in the first place, you will see that it was not the imagination that made it happen.

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