5 Tips You Must Know Before Investing In Cryptocurrency

5 Tips You Must Know Before Investing In Cryptocurrency:- Many people, especially newbies, would be surprised if someone brought them a coin advertisement and said that they should check it out before buying it because they were not made to realize its value, so look Insha Allah it will pump increase.

Before you get into that, as new Crypto has some tips for you:

  • First of all, the Crypto market is not an easy place to make money.
  • Second, make sure you learn how to buy to sell yourself in all Crypto markets both CEX & DEX.
  • Thirdly, beware of buying tokens from strangers, no matter what kind of coin. In short, it is up to you.
  • Fourthly, do not invest too much money as you would invest in this particular business which you will need to spend some time with, due to the uncertainty of the market.
  • Fifthly, it does not come with a small amount of money to invest in crypto, so why not do some research to find good Coins where you can invest your money, in our people you will find someone trying to buy a $5 or $10 coin. You see this is a scam on your part. Who would have invested $5 or $10 in Crypto and who would have thrown away $ 5 or $10 He knows all about you. You’re more than you can handle, that’s why you say ‘invest what you can afford to lose if you are going to borrow huge sums of money to invest in crypto this and you are on your own! If you re-enter the threshold.

But some people are saying that they should start with a little bit of politics, but this is not the case. Why do you do your research before you get in? If you have no hope of buying a coin token, then this is no different from a gambler.

Deposit and accounting.

Sixth, you have to be a good researcher if you want to do business because investing is not just about getting things done. Even if you are trading, you need to keep track of things to get information on other things, including new and old Crypto that are important and valuable, and important news that will keep you cool.



The first time you see a project being advertised And someone sends you a Contract address and says buy it, all you have to do is start by looking for its Telegram group and log in. And estimate the number of online people and the total members of the group, the idea is to find out if there are real people in the group who may be using the bot, adding members who do not exist.

We know that there are Fake members for sale, and use the bot to bring them into a group, you will find another group with 10k members. Check the amount of data below and the 9k is always online. Because they are designed to be online forever unless they are removed, you can see the bottom line is, No group will be like that. And you see 10k members and then you see 200 people online, you also see them not calm down.

Why did I talk about this problem?

Because of the ugliness of the fact that every token we find has this problem from Here also is a problem, liars, in the end, they can only make Rug pull if they put a bad in their system.

After you have done this research, then look at the condition of the Community Members, and the kind of comments they make about the Project, positive or negative. Then search for the project team, and who are they. How do you see their transparency? Explaining I mean They Dora picture in there and can also be hidden, Then check They are attending to private people and if they are sent a message they do not go back And they do not pay attention to people, All these ways can be detected Inaccuracies and Inadequacies of Project in here.


After you have finished all these, then go back and look for the link on their website and log in, then go in and read all the information about them, such as their road map and Token economics (Tokenomics). And the lists of Developers on the website if they do Dora Then we check them and make sure they are people who do not hide. But you should pack light and buy later, says one savvy freshman.

 But all of these are some of the things you have to be sure of before you go to the next step because they are also essential.


Then, after you have done all this, you have no problem, just go back to the group and ask them to give you the Contract address. Make sure you do not use the Contract address you see floating around in other people’s postings in the media, because now Token creation is not a difficult thing, if a Token is created especially if it is highly valid, scammers use this chance to create a token like this with its name, so if they find the culprit they can buy their own instead of the real Origin, Only after maybe your money is run out Then you see the Real Project maybe you can complain to them that they hurt after They hurt no one else.

The reason I recommend this is that someone can set such a trap, and then bring you a contract address, and if you do not do this research you can come and buy it, then, in the end, you will have to spend it with you.

So why is it good after you have finished that search you want to buy, then ask them in their group that you have submitted the address, and make sure that it is the admin who sent you the address?

Well, after you have calmed down all this, you already have the Blockchain network. This token is, for example, Binance smart chain (BSC), Ethereum Network (ERC), Tronchain, and so on. Then open this Blockchain. For example, if the BEP20 is a token (Smart chain) then open bscscan.com and set up a box where you can search the token, using the name of the token and its contract address. Here you have to search for him and the Contract address gives a name because there is a risk. This is because you can see fake tokens created with the same name, but imagine that the address is different. Then paste in the contact address given to you by the group and search for it, then click on the name and it will open for you.

If it opens you can count the number of holders, then you can compare the holders with the people you see on their telegram, this will also help you to get some information.

Then look at the transactions and look at the holders and see if there are any whales in the token, whales are the people who have the most money in it. Then check out who owns this wallet. The burnt address is Smart Contract is the address that we will see at the beginning, a symbol like memory Yes, All the addresses we see with such LP Tokens are liquidity And another

Smart Contract is different if you see this thing like memory on the contract address Even if there is no name on the body this is not a normal wallet, which shows you that the Liquidity token is this, in a pancake swap.

But as soon as you see a wallet that does not have this object and it holds the High Percentage of this token it seems as if it holds 10%, 20%, or 40% then you see this is the speed.

Whenever you see a wallet it holds the same amount and the like. Devs are the ones who carry this wallet.

In short, pick up a wallet that you do not approve of. Because I can’t tell you if you buy you will make a profit and if you buy you make a profit, I just show you that it is a risk to do so. Because you can buy a lot of profits if you can get a share before they harm the project and you can buy and lose everything. Then, after you have done this, check out the Contract content itself.

Doing something on it is something they can reduce by multiplying it by maybe making it Manually burn and they can increase its amount is called minting. Or Something Like That, Any Project That Can Do These Things You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

And check that their name is Developer’s, Wallet. This is Owner’s wallet, so check it out and see how many per

How do you get your money back until you make a profit out of the coins you lost? Keep calm and read.

1. There is something you need to know in the crypto business, that is, the mindset of every project that you agree with and that you are comfortable with.

2. If you have $ 150, don’t buy the coin in full. Costs like $ 100 or $ 80. For example, you enter the coin market when it is $ 5 and you buy $ 100 and you get 20 coins for that coin. Later this coin broke the spread of $ 2 subhanallah😢. this time you have to wait for him to finish failing he has to reach a point to stop. It takes about 1 hour and you can never go down without stopping. You can get about 25 pieces for $ 50 and 20 for $ 100. After all, you have 45, God willing.

3. When you hold it, wait. Suppose your total investment in the coin is $ 150 and you have 45. In the power of God if it starts from 2 $ then it returns 3 $ and your money becomes 3×45 = $ 135😊. If it costs 4 $ then it will be 4×45 = $ 180😍

Alhamdulillah, now you have earned $ 30, but not even $ 5. Instead, you just sit there and wait for $ 5 to withdraw your money or you wait for it to go back to $ 6 and you have no guarantee that it will go back or not 😅.

4. The market is not run and it is not done with fear only it is good to know what one is doing.

5. And all your knowledge about cryptography lies in your dumper or your fall. But the fall is not determined by the person who sells his coin. All you have to do is analyze whether you like candlesticks 🤣 or when you invest in a coin it will fail you. But at least you didn’t go down without explaining yourself first

5. Do not invest in a project when it is all-time high (ATH).

Altcoin are All Non-Bitcoin Coins

 Any coin you know other than Bitcoin, Altcoin.

While shitcoin is not just a coin created by this name, yes Shitcoin comes from Altcoin.

Shitcoin means Any coin that is confused about where to go, this is called Shitcoin in this market.

Let me be clear…

Any Coin Created Not Built or Well designed, will eventually get strong Volatility on it, then its price will be Crazy, it goes down all the time, that is to say, in short, it becomes a pump-and-dumps coin.

Any Coin Once becomes a pump and dumps the coin, at any time it can be pumped and at any time it can be dumped very well it is called Shitcoin.

And all of this happens when the coin is not made for the right purpose, And it is not created with a specific purpose.

Bitcoin itself is sometimes referred to as Shitcoin because of its current uncertainty, now I can see it at 50k Dan sometimes a little at 40k.

Please understand.

Meme coins are normally Altcoin (Altcoin means Alternative coins, an alternative to Bitcoin) meme coins are coins that are created without any reasonable use-case, they are not created to solve a problem, they are just created because on social media people are invited to come and buy them using influencers, such as YouTubers who have a lot of subscribers and people who have a lot of followers on Twitter and Reddit and other social media, then these are used just to advertise and invite people to come and invest their money to buy it.

However, these coins eventually become Shitcoin so they are not used for any purpose, they are pumped out and dumped by big investors.

Many types of meme coins can be successful, but only a few can be considered successful.

Examples are the Dogecoin and Shiba.

So here we see that all these Coins that are being created We call them shitcoin, originally they were meme coins, later they became shitcoin, where they were created just for fun.


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