How to read Cryptocurrency charts

Cryptocurrency charts

Cryptocurrency Charts Cryptocurrency Charts:- Cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming at first. There are a million buzzwords to navigate and once you understand them, they will appear on the chart. Infinite, infinite chart.  However, if you want to be a full-fledged crypto trader, using these charts properly can be a very powerful tool. Knowledge is power, and … Read more

what is cryptocurrency mining


CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING: This is the process of mining free crypto Satoshi, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. What are the 4 steps of mining? The mining industry operates through a sequence of stages: exploration, discovery, development, production, and reclamation. There are so many crypto mining platforms PC versions and Smartphones, some pc mining software required: To start mining … Read more

Top 50 Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2022


BEST CRYPTOCURRENCY TO INVEST IN 2022 Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2022: we have two quality Cryptocurrency projects that can give 10x, 20x, 30x up to 50x continue reading if you want to know this project. Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 Projects Type METAVERSE WEB 3.0 NFT Metaverse Metaverse Founder’s Letter, 2021, 1 month ago … Read more

what’s Cryptocurrency definitions

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Defintions Cryptocurrency Definitions: The word Crypto or Cryptocurrency Simply means a digital currency, not as cash it’s secured on blockchain technology. Are you wondering about the word Cryptocurrency and how can it be traded as a currency? Read this article very well. The word Crypto or Cryptocurrency Simply means a digital currency, not as … Read more

How does Cryptocurrency works

Cryptocurrency Trading

How does Cryptocurrency works? Cryptocurrency – meaning and definition Cryptocurrency, sometimes called cryptocurrency or crypto, is any form of currency that exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to secure transactions. Cryptocurrencies don’t have a central issuing or regulating authority, instead of using a decentralized system to record transactions and issue new units. What is … Read more

saitama inu: fundamental analysis for saitama (1)

Saitama Inu

saitama inu: fundamental analysis for saitama (1) Saitama INU Fundamental Analysis Saitama inu: fundamental analysis for Saitama (1) To understand the saitama inu project one must first deny why it was created, who created it. And with his roadmap, the project team’s goals were achieved by d ss. The Saitama inu project was originally designed … Read more

What’s Arbitrage Trading

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

What’s Arbitrage Trading ARBITRAGE TRADING: Simply means buying a foreign currency (USD, EURO, CAD OR AUD) from an Exchange where it’s cheap and selling it at a high price within a short time to make a profit. WHAT DO I MEAN BY THAT? An obvious example: In Amazon, you buy iPhone 13 for $1000 while in Aliexpress … Read more

Cryptocurrency Trading has been legalized in India

Cryptocurrency Achievment

CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING HAS BEEN LEGALIZED IN INDIA #Budget2022: Union Finance Minister in today’s Budget speech announced that India will soon get its own Blockchain-based Central Bank Digital Currency (#CBDC) which will be backed by the Reserve Bank Of India(#RBI). The finance minister, however, did not touch upon anything related to cryptocurrency–also powered by the #Blockchain. … Read more

will shiba price hit $0.01 this year?

shiba inu

will shiba price hit $0.01 this year? DETAILED ANALYSIS ON SHIBA IF THE PRICE WILL REACH $0.01  Steven Cooper, CEO of BIGGER ENTERTAINMENT, has reaffirmed his commitment to the people by 2025, On his Twitter Handle, he said that they have completed all the necessary arrangements for the collaboration of MUSICIANS and celebrities on how … Read more